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Working as a plumber in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Aussie loot and unboxes
MVM stats

Aussie drystreak: 31

Tours completed:

Oil spill: 26
Steel Trap: 9
Mecha engine: 438
2 cities: 300
Expert: 112

Aussie loot:

2 Cities

tour 54 knife
tour 111 sticky
tour 159 wrench
tour 160 minigun

Mecha Engine

tour 57 blutsauger
tour 68 smg
tour 72 knife
tour 143 rocket launcher
tour 159 tomislav
tour 366 force a nature
tour 413 rocket launcher


tour 33 blutsauger
tour 89 medi gun
tour 96 scattergun
tour 109 black box

Unusuals unboxed: 148

g fetti brigade
bubbling big cheif
orb fire snaggle
searing your worst nightmare
steaming exquiste rack
smoking killer ex
scorching front runner
peace sign company man
ghosts salty dog
smoking handle
green fetti handle
orb planets dapper topper
stormy storm larrikin
lantern reggealator
cloudy moon outdoorsman
blizz safe n sound
green energy tam o shatner
vivid shooters sola
peace sign kabuto
peace sign picklehaube
burning attendant
phosphorous virus doctor
disco beat down inspecteur
cloud 9 cyborg stunt helm
aces high fr-0
sunbeams fr-0
aces high baker boy
vivid inspecteur
purple confetti attendant
ghosts virtual reality headset
flies hat of cards
scorching naggenvatcher
terror watt powdered prac
sbtwc headsplitter
chiroptera venanta electric escorter x2
peace sign nunhood
burning berliner bucket
flies hard top
sunbeams gentlemans ushanka
hearts kabuto
tf logo tin gallon
p fetti full metal drill hat
sunbeams minnesota slick
p fetti brown bomber
screaming tiger meet the medic
sunbeams rubber glove
searing ponytail
tf logo gonzila
ghosts rifleman
hearts dread hiding hood
searing robo-glove
amaranthine scout shako
knifestorm brainiac
bonzo pencil pusher
eerie orbiting fire brigade helm
the ooze brotherhood
burning hong kong cone
Peace sign pith helmet
flies tavish crown
Frostbite handymans handle
Frostbite noble nickle
Death at dusk combustible kabuto
Death at dusk virtual reality headset
Orb fire billycock
Orb planets capos capper
Burning flames plug-in prospector
Purple energy rebel rouser
Isotope Brick House Factory new
Terror-Watt Outta sight
Arcana Gym Rat
Arcana Handymans Handle
Its a Secret to everybody Barnstormer
Flaming Lantern Nanobalaclava
Demonflame Nappers respite
Stare From Beyond Belgian Detective
Orbiting fire a hat to kill for
Searing plasma frickin sweet ninja hood
Aces high a hat to kill for
Circling heart Federal Casemaker
Sunbeams Airdog
Peace sign Professionals panama
Circling TF logo Hat with no name
Orbiting planets Bot dogger
Kill-a-Watt vive la france
Tesla coil Whoopee cap (uniqe)
Tesla coil headsplitter
Tesla coil vive la france (on my alt)
Starstorm slumber nasty norsemann (on my alt)
Mannrobics unusualifier (spectral swirl)
Pool Party unusualifier (hellish inferno)
The killer solo unusualifier (spectral swirl)
Neutron star Wing mann
Neutron star nasty norsemann (on my alt)
Bad pipes unusualifier (infernal smoke, on my alt)
Starstorm insomnia Cranial Carcharodon (on my alt)
Neutron star Cranial Carcharodon (on my alt)
Zoomin Broom unusualifier (spectral swirl, on my alt)
Pool party unusualifier (infernal flames)
Starstorm insomnia Toadstool topper
Tesla Coil Nasty Norsemann
Starstorm slumber Wing mann
Tesla Coil Nasty Norsemann (another one)
Starstorm insomnia Wide-Brimmed Bandito
Most Wanted unusualifier (midnight whirlwind)
Circling peace sign plug-in prospector
Starstorm insomnia Wing mann
Skullcracker unusualifier (showstopper)
The Jumping Jack unusualifier (mega strike)
Ether trail Smoking sombrero
Conga unusualifier (Fountain of delight)
The carlton unusualifier (Screaming tiger)
Chiroptera Venanta Hellmet
Square dance unusualifier (Screaming tiger)
Strange Misty skull prehistoric pullover
Pool party unusualifier (Mega strike)
Victory lap unusualifier (Spectral swirl)
Party trick unusualifier (Infernal flames)
Stare from beyond Field practice
Strange Stare from beyond A hat to kill for
Kazotsky kick unusualifier (Ghastly ghosts)
Disco Fever unusualifier (spectral swirl)
Boston breakdance unusualifier (spectral swirl)
Its a secret to everybody Smokey sombrero
The soviet strongarm unusualifier (Haunted phantasm)
Zoomin broom unusualifier ('72) applied after halloween
Killer solo unusualifier (Ghastly ghosts)
Skullcracker unusualifier (Infernal smoke)
Flippin awesome unusualifier (Infernal smoke)
Oblooterated unusualifier (skill gotten gains) applied after halloween
Eerie orbiting fire Chill chullo
Boston breakdance unusualifier (Silver cyclone) applied after halloween
Didgeridrongo unusualifier (Haunted phantasm)
Shred alert unusualifier (mega strike)
Deep fried desire unusualifier ('72)
Eldritch flame death racers helmet
Circling peace sign burning beanie
Boston breakdance unusualifier (Holy grail)
Disco beat down Sinners shade
Fubar fanfare unusualifier ('72)
RPS Unusualifier ('72)
Skullcracker unusualifier
Fubar Fanfare unusualifier (Showstopper)
Results are in unusualifier (Holy grail)
Mannrobics unusualifier (Mega strike)
Results are in unusualifier ('72)
Subatomic Universal translator
Burstchester unusualifier (Midnight Whirlwind)
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yeeeeeeeeeeeees I got a hat
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Sgt_Laurence Mar 4 @ 3:48am 
Fast good trade, even made the deal 5 keys cheaper.
Freza-dupa <3 Nov 14, 2017 @ 7:36am 
+rep reliable
I always shoot myself inthe foot Nov 9, 2017 @ 11:38pm 
Oof. Congrats on the first unusual Didgeridrongo to exist as I know and by this date. I went to look for ones selling and on, and I never found any even listed to exist. You're the first owner of an unusual Didgeridrongo. Again, congratulations.
I always shoot myself inthe foot Sep 29, 2017 @ 2:47pm 
1v1 Ceejaey
PrydaBot | 27:1 Jul 31, 2017 @ 7:46am 
Thanks for trading with Pryda level up service!
T7 Aggr - CS.MONEY Jul 31, 2017 @ 7:39am 
+rep swish