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Nick & Me, Part 4

The black chick came on the screen, "Oh hellllllll NO, Grimer! Get yo FAT ASS OUTTA MY KFC!" The crowd cheered and laughed at the comedy, "Well, technically Grimer is 'Obese', not 'Fat...' " Said fem Egon. "You ho'ass mothafuckas better get the FUCK outta my fat-ass way, 'cuz I'm large and IN CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!" Guess which one screamed that, as she turned on her stream and started sucking Grimer off. I looked at Nathrafoxxenn and he looked at me, "I really am liking this so far! It's just like the ones I grew up with!" he exclaimed as he reached for the popcorn bucket on my lap. I hear an "Owo what is this???" in the dark as I feel a fuzzy paw caress my thick human man-meat. His buttery foxypaw massages my fat globes and I feel him grab at my thick, throbbing member.
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Nick & Me, Part 3

We sat down in our seats, Nathrazul ran ahead to grab the first two front-row seats. "Yay! Yay! Here, here!!!" We sat down right as the lights dimmed. "I can't wait! This is gonna be so good! Thank you for taking me out sweetie!" I giggled at his cute, smiling blue muzzle. "H-hehe, no problem..."
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Nick & Me, Part 2

We approached the ticket booth and I purchase two tickets, the man at the ticket booth said "Heyy, you two are quite the cute couple!" Nathrafulf blushed and hid his muzzle behind his hoodie sleeve. "Thanks!" I exclaimed as we went into the theatre. I treated my little Nathiewoofie to a big bucket of popcorn for us to share, and we made our way to theatre four. On the walk there, Nathrazold turned to me and said "I-I'm excited for the movie!" "Me too", I replied. "... I-I was a big fan of the original Ghostbusters series, I'm excited to see this one~!" I looked over and giggled at his smiling face, "I'm sure it'll be good."
Lowchance 18 hours ago 
Nick & Me, Part 1

As we approach the movie theatre, he tightens his grip on my hand, I look down at his paw and turn to look, Nathrazul's muzzle curls into a smile and he blushes, his glistening eyes look at mine just for a moment before darting away. "Hey hey hey, sweetie... It's okay." I say to him in an attempt to comfort him. "Cross-species is okay, even though you're a Blue Fox and I'm just a Human, but worry! I'm here to protect you..." He rests his forehead against my chest and murrs out a quiet "I love you..." "I love you too." I whisper.
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