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Old school gamers who loved classic 90's RPG games such as Baulder's Gate, Icewind Dale, and of course Planescape:Torment will love what this game has to offer. Rich and immersive story telling that forces you to slow down and take your time to read the dialog and put things together to figure out the optimal solution to quest lines.

The game lets you tread a path that mostly stays clear of combat situations if you desire allowing you take an intelligent approach over fighting. Killing NPC's doesn't net you XP so your focus can remain on character and story, yet even if you choose a more brutish approach over compassion or intelligence you will find an interesting and fulfilling game to play.

If a good game is a series of interesting choices than Torment is exactly that, a series of interesting choices leading to interesting consequences. Despite its relatively short 35 hour play time its rich, compelling, and satisfying to play.
Posted March 6, 2017.
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This is a wonderfull adventure game. If you are a fan of the genre of want to try it out for the first time, then King's Quest is the adventure game you're looking for. It's funny, thoughtfull, warm hearted, and the puzzles are well done. How more adventure games should be made.
Posted January 1, 2016.
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This is an extremely pretty pirate simulator with a coating of Assasain's Creed thrown on top of it. The naval combat, the sea chanties, and some of the other various piratey side activites more then make up for the bugs, certain annoying storyline missions, and a few of the less then fun side activiites.

I really wish they had built up more piratey things to do from town to town, like buy and sell goods with different prices at each port, more drinking and debauchery, or the ability to actually sail a fleet of pirates and take over full sized towns. The fact that I wish for there to be more and more things to do is a sign that the core game is quite good.

The main missions help guide you through playing the game but don't actually take much time if you concentrate on them. I suggest doing many if not all of the side activities to help prolong the game, otherwise you will be done in about 20 hours.

The game is quite fun, especially things relating to pirates. If you are a die-hard AC fan, you might find this title a bit lacking in how little the main character has anything to do with assasins but it plays like an AC title and is quite amazing, especially if you love pirates as I do.

If you love pirates then you have to ge this game, simple as that.
Posted November 25, 2013.
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