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:balloon:Please read all info below before adding me. Thank you. :balloon:
我的交易提案/My Steam Offer
A Gamer Lover, Peace Gamer,Enjoy game, and music (*´∀`)~♥

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Welcome To My Steam
Hi I m Śakiredσak

:treb:Simply leave a comment explaining why you add me when sending friend request.
(For trading, playing games together, sharing anime stuff, chatting, or even for no reason...)
(Without doing so, I'll ignore it.)
:treb:NO private profile; no VAC !
:treb:Last but not least, I'm here to share love and fun. Haters, racist and political zealots please stay away.
:treb:And I cant take the initiative to join a friend So,Plz add me i know I'll add you!
:treb:And my English is very bad! I borrowed other people introduction and use of translation! So please speak to understand the speech!
:treb:Proposal at the top, there is a demand to use to mess I will block you
:8bitheart:Thank u:8bitheart:
Hi 你好 我是Śakiredσak
:wololo:加我好友之前 請先去下方留言你的意圖 或是你有什麼共同好友/原因/交易等等 不然我不會去按接受ㄛ! 想認識我也請去下方留言 謝謝!
:wololo:不接受 不公開檔案 以及 有vac紀錄者...
:wololo:我玩遊戲 只是為了快樂/有趣 請不要跟我牽扯到政治話題/種族歧視 只要是遊戲人 我都可以成為好友 我不特定你是哪國人 什麼宗教等等
:wololo: 我的Steam有些問題 不能主動加人好友 所以請你主動加我吧! 我認識你 就會加!或是看過你!(前提是還有印象...
:wololo:我英文很差 上面多半是翻譯以及借別人的 如果本尊看到 不怎麼喜歡 我可以改掉 謝謝^_^
個人常駐於 CSGO 如果有別的需求 可以找我去玩別的遊戲 如果我有那款的話
工作忙碌中 偶爾晚上會出沒 沒特別要經營的意思 純粹娛樂:catpaw:
交易提案 我上面有放 有想跟我換東西的人 請去點吧 如果是來亂的 我會直接封鎖你

以上 謝謝你的觀看^_^
Bonus meme Apr 19, 2018 @ 1:34am 
guy in my profile gives his items to everyone for some reason. He gave me karambit lol
SomeNoob Apr 5, 2018 @ 6:22am 
ム Masterkowie ♡ Mar 23, 2018 @ 7:14am 
+rep can u sign my prof?
Mr.C Mar 12, 2018 @ 8:24am 
Hazel ♡ Mar 6, 2018 @ 8:48pm 
Hi, added for chatting and games
doctor S Feb 18, 2018 @ 10:03pm 
Wanna trade