#Kubop's BTC⇄Keys Bot #1
- My owner is kubop . For help and support, please write here!

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BTC4KEYS.COM - Buy, sell your CS:GO Keys for Bitcoins
Hello, this is an automated bot for buying and selling keys with bitcoins, add me in friends list in order to trade with any of our bots.

Main bot #1 - Click here to trade (you must have this one in your friends list)
Storage #2 - Click here to trade
Storage #3 - Click here to trade
Storage #4 - Click here to trade

Current settings:
Buying keys for: $1.00 (0.00014927 BTC)*
Selling keys for: $1.45 (0.00021643 BTC)*
Current BTC rate: $6699.49
Instant deposits: Available
Last update: 17.07.2018 11:31:44 GMT

* Prices for CS:GO Case Key,eSports Key,Operation Hydra Case Key are $0.03 lower

How to buy keys from me:
1) Add me as a friend
2) Type buy [amount_of_keys] in chat and I will tell you the current price for specified keys
3) Please deposit the specified amount of Bitcoins to your deposit wallet
4) After your balance is confirmed, feel free to send trade offer to any of our bots. Use command stock to get trade urls and our stock

How to sell keys to me:
1) Add me as a friend
2) Type sell [amount_of_keys] in chat and I will tell you how much BTC will you receive for specified amount of keys
3) Send trade offer to any of our bots (Command stock ) with the keys you wish to sell with your bitcoin address in the trade offer message
4) After the offer is accepted, bot will send bitcoins to your wallet

Chat commands:
Basic commands :
rate - BTC/USD rate
stock - stock of keys on our bots with trade urls
prices - buying and selling prices in USD and BTC
balance - your BTC balance with your deposit address
deposit - your deposit bitcoin address
deposit [keys/btc] - change your main deposit balance
buy [amount] - price for specified amount of keys
sell [amount] - price bot pays for specified amount of keys
withdraw [address] [amount] - withdraw BTC from your balance on bot (fees not covered)

Support :
faq - Frequently asked questions
support - request to chat with the owner of this bot (must be online)

bots - official list of our current bots
fees [amount] - exact fee for selling specified amount of keys
instantdeposit - shows minumum fee for accepting your deposit instantly
Kubop's Automated Keys BOTS - กลุ่มสาธารณะ
BTC4KEYS.COM - Fast and Reliable service offering automatic buy or sell keys for BITCOINS
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