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bsaksida Jan 30, 2015 @ 10:08am 
For some time i am getting tons of friend requesst. All those request are private profile, and i can not see whats with them. I do not trust them, and i suspect they are a scammer. I do not have evidence, so i can not report profiles based on hunch.

Lately they got a little more creative. They started to post trade request as a comment on my profile. I am not idiot. Upon inspecting the link they posted. At the glance it looked like from imgur, but was off by one character. Upon further isnpection i found out it lead to a site with a malicious software. Probably a way to steal steam account. I reported those users.

I don't have any users to comment on my profile, expect scam attemps, i have decidet to change Comments and My Inventory to Friends only.