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Posted: Sep 2, 2017 @ 11:04am
Updated: Nov 29, 2018 @ 3:21am

Early Access Review
Having read some of the negative reviews it seems people say they can't get into the game, that is because it has a long grey loading screen on startup and any mouseclicks will crash it, be patient and you will be rewarded.
Once into the game you start at a pre-built base which is fine while you get started but the Devs have provided a completely bare island (Sliceland) just waiting for you to move into once you are ready. There is no guide as yet so you won't have your hand held as you learn the game but there is an active community and any questions/problems you have are usually answered very quickly.
If you love exploring, crafting, creating, saving animals and killing mutants then this could be the game for you, considering it is EA there is a huge world already in existance with much, much more promised. From the African Savannah to snow covered mountains and arid Deserts to lush forests there is so much to explore that even after playing for 200+ hours I am still finding new places I missed on earlier visits.
The Devs are very active and responsive, serious bugs are fixed in extremely quickly (in a matter of hours sometimes) less serious bugs/player requests are incorporated into regular and frequent up-dates.
Loading screens between the various areas can take a while and the game can be a bit choppy when you first arrive but it soon smoothes out, just make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements (8GB of RAM is a 'must have')
Overall this game is awesome and only promises to get better.

After more than a year playing Animallica and with over 900 hours of playing time I am loving this game even more.
The amount of new content added since my last review is outstanding with the Devs meeting and often exceeding on promises, new biomes to explore, new animals to capture, the introduction of farming settlements and craftable vendor shops, not to mention loads of new craftable items both decorative and functional.
A lot of content was added at the request of players such as free placing of items, the ability to resize some objects, being able to give names to individual animals...........the list goes on.
There is still so much more to come and yet for an EA title the game already has more content and playability than some already in full release.
A massive sandbox game with endless hours of playability (so well worth the price)
Responsive and active Devs who go above and beyond to give players what they want
Frequent updates and fast bug fixes (often within hours of being reported)
A friendly, helpful and non-toxic forum where the Devs are active almost daily
Really does need a high end PC to run smoothly
Still needs some more optimisation (planned for future update)
Combat is not the best but is improving (also it isn't a huge part of the game anyway)
Your character is female and not customisable but as play is in First Person Mode it is pretty irrelevant.
The tutorial is very basic and there are no quests, so no hand holding when you start. The forums more than make up for this (plus there is a wiki and a Discord channel)
There is no multiplayer option and none is planned although the possibility of co-op hasn't been ruled out.
If you want a polished, bug free game then wait until it goes into full release but, if you want to be part of an active community, helping the Devs realise their dreams as well those of the players then this is the game for you.
Yes, at twice the price it would be worth every penny!
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