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Personal Achievements

We're All Buddies!

Join a guild

Part of the Team

Participate in a Guild Raid

Hand in Hand

Complete 10 Co-op Quests

Heroes Are Never Alone

Complete Co-op Quests with a total of 150 players

Don't Fear the Reaper

Clear a Chaos Gate without dying

Invincible Army

Clear Chaos Gate without anyone dying

Adventurer of Yudia

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Yudia

Adventurer of West Luterra

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: West Luterra

Adventurer of East Luterra

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: East Luterra

Adventurer of Anikka

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Anikka

Adventurer of Arthetine

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Arthetine

Adventurer of North Vern

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: North Vern

Adventurer of Tortoyk

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Tortoyk

Adventurer of Shushire

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Shushire

Complete Walking All the World

Complete 100% all Adventurer's Tomes

Adventurer of Rohendel

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Rohendel

Adventurer of Yorn

Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Yorn

Basic Training

Perform 100 basic attacks

M-M-M-Monster Kill!

Defeat 120,000 monsters

Elite? As If

Defeat 20 Elite monsters

Unleash the Power Within

Use 10 Awakening Skills

Boss Hunter: Novice

Defeat Field Bosses: Rudric, Salt Giant, Roblom, Wili-wili, Caspiel

Boss Hunter: Pro

Defeat Field Bosses: Chuo, Vulkan, Casrick, Maneth

Boss Hunter: Expert

Defeat Field Bosses: Black Chicking, White Chicking, True Batuark, Gorka Grosse, Savnak, Erasmo

Cold and Dangerous

Defeat Tarsila

Skill Research

Apply 10 skill level changes

Map Trader

Trade a map for the first time

Geography Nerd

Trade 10 maps

Public Service Worker

Earn 5 Cooperation Bonus Points yourself

The A-Team

Enter a secret dungeon in a 4-person party

Master the Beers

Complete all Co-op quests in Gesbroy

Creating a Legend

Get a Legendary item by crafting

Resource Investment

Use 50 materials for item crafting

For the Most Powerful Weapon Possible

Try Honing 10 times

Meaningless Explosion

Use a mining bomb and fail to blow up any ore 5 times

Will I Grow If I Eat This?

Pick 40 mushrooms


Throw a machete and hit prey while Search is active 150 times

Artisans Favor Good Tools

Equip Relic Foraging tools

Alone in Your Field

Complete the Platinum Field alone

Path of the Expert Forager

Reach Foraging Lv. 10

Path of the Expert Logger

Reach Logging Lv. 10

Path of the Expert Miner

Reach Mining Lv. 10

Path of the Expert Hunter

Reach Hunting Lv. 10

Teach Them to Fish

Reach Fishing Lv. 10

Path of the Expert Archaeologist

Reach Excavating Lv. 10

When I Find You, and I Will...

Track 1 waypoints on Secret Maps

Start of Endless Chaos

Clear 1 Chaos Gate

Exploration: Cube

Collect a Bronze Chest from Cube (normal)

Deep Exploration: Cube

Collect a Diamond Chest from Cube (hard)

Exploration: Elite Cube

Collect a Bronze Chest from Elite Cube (normal)

Deep Exploration: Elite Cube

Collect a Bronze Chest from Elite Cube (hard)

Exploration: Dimension Cube

Collect a Bronze Chest from Dimensional Cube (normal)

Gear of My Dreams

Reach Item Level 302

Superb Gear

Reach item level 1300

What's This Stone For?

Equip an Ability Stone

That Was Close

Clear a Cube stage with less than 5% HP left


Clear a Cube Stage as the last surviving player

Training Platform

Clear Boss Rush Stage 1

Legendary Hunter

Clear 3 Guardian Raids

I Hit Hard

Clear 1 Guardian Raid by singlehandedly inflicting at least 50% of the damage it takes to clear

Everyone Okay?

Clear a Guardian Raid without anyone in your party dying

Legendary Pacifist

Use the Portal in a legendary secret dungeon with no kills

Everybody Here?

Clear a Chaos Gate in a group of 30

Survival Expert

Clear 20 Abyss Raids without using Battle items

Look at the Time

Play for 50 hours in total

A Leading Life

Progress to an Advanced Class


Activate 10 Triports

Use My Nickname

Collect 10 or more titles

Where Mokokos Come From

Pick One Mokoko Seed

City Tour

Ride a raft in Changhun

Same Thing Each Day

Complete 10 Daily Quests

Surprise Me

Complete 10 Sudden Quests

Master Detective

Solve the mysterious murder case in Feiton


Switch to Skill Tree Tier 3

War and Peace

Take Selfies on Goblin Island, Island of Mist, Medeia, Lush Reed Island, and Asura Island

Out of This World

Take Selfies in Yozmund, Distorted Island, Phantom Island, Phantomwing Island, Shadow Moon Market, and Shangra

Summer Vacation Guide

Take Selfies on Aiwana Island, Peyto, Gravis, Lagoon Island, Revelry Row, and Gesbroy

Four Seasons

Take Selfies in Argon, Sunflower Island, Liebeheim, and Island of Azure Wind.

Aiming Higher

Reach Combat Lv. 60

I Know What You Like

Give 40 Rapport gifts

Voice of Arkesia

Play an instrument for an Affinity NPC

Struggling Economy

Spend 10,000 Silver repairing gear

Just Get a New One

Repair an item at 0 durability

Broken-Down Legend

Successfully dismantle 1 Legendary or better item

So Lux!

Fuse Gems into Lv. 5 or above once

Vendor on the Move

Find the wandering merchant

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Make an exchange with a Wandering Merchant

A Good Trade

Buy a Legendary item from the Wandering Merchant

Inventory Clearance

Sell 100 items

A Little Too Heavy

Earn a total of 10,000 Silver by selling items

Big Trader

Earn 100,000 or more Silver with a single sale

Scoring Sheet Music

Learn 3 pieces of sheet music


Play Sheet Music 300 times

Master Jeweler

Successfully facet 5 times

Cold as the Ground

Resurrect after being dead for 4 minutes


Use a healing potion with 1 HP left

Fun while It Lasted

Die while riding a hover board

Morai Ruins Expert

Find the first Secret Location inside Morai Ruins

A Secret Place

Enter 10 secret dungeons

Something Buried

Obtain 5 treasure maps


Discover the Burning Ice

Free Whaley

Discover an item after a humpback whale jumps

I Want My Leg Back

Discover Pirate's Peg Leg

Light in the Dark

Clear Twilight Chapel within 11 minutes

Quite a Photo

Take a screenshot on Starkeep Island


Defeat Gold Chicking in Alaker

Very Superstitious

Throw 100 commemorative coins in Atropos

Pour It Out, Drink It Up!

Drink handcrafted beer until you get drunk

Walls Have Ears

Listen to The Voice Over My Shoulder #1

Fire Keeper

Collect 10 Torches

Card Collector

Put 5 cards in your catalog

Extended Manor

Reach Manor Lv. 2

Couldn't Be More Perfect

Complete Dispatch missions at Rank SS once

Jackpot! I Think?

Earn exactly 777 Silver from dropped loot

I'm All You Need

Inflict at least 10,000 damage in a single battle


Win in Team Deathmatch by at least 10 more kills than your opponent

Thoroughly Perfect Victory

Win in Team Deathmatch without losing any teammates

Duel Victory

Win 1 duel

Strategic Victory

Win a duel by forcing the opponent out-of-bounds 10 times

Perfect Victory

Win 10 duels without taking any damage

Towel Thrown

Win 10 duels by forfeit

Am I Too Strong?

Opponent declines 1 or more duels

Competitive Match: Grand Master

Reach Grandmaster in Competitive Match


Reach PvP Extreme 10

Maiden voyage

Make your maiden voyage on the Sea of Gienna


Enter a port

Honk, Honk

Use the Ship Horn 10 times

Treasure Chest Collector

Salvage treasure 50 times

Haunted Sea

Enter 5 Ghost Ships

Invincible Armada

Upgrade Estoque to Lv. 10

What's in a Name?

Change a ship’s name

You Work for Me!

Recruit 10 crew members

Stars across the Ocean

Find an island

Priest Named Armen

Meet a companion on your quest to find the Ark

What Truly Shines

Complete Crown of Lakebar quest in West Luterra

Reclaim the Throne

West Luterra: Stop Scherrit's plan

Successor of Fate

Obtain your first Ark

Protected by the Last Giant

Complete Peace of Mind quest in Tortoyk

Expert Gladiator

Reach PvP Tier 10

Joint Effort

[Team Elimination Match] Win 10 times

So Selfish

Singlehandedly eliminate all enemies in Team Elimination

Clash of Tiger and Dragon - the First Sword of Changhun

Win the Anikka Tournament

The Heart Keeps on Beating

Complete the Heart of Sceptrum quest in Arthetine

Gorgon Slayer

Complete To the Nest quest in North Vern

Hail, Daybreakers!

Kill Vrad

Down Memory Lane

Complete Dark Truth quest

Rise Up

Attack an enemy while disguised as a prisoner


King's Tomb: Open the 1st Door of Choice in Lastra Forest

The Enlightened I

Feel the first essence of Taoist Power

The Enlightened II

Feel the Sixth Essence of Taoist energy

Juice Explosion

Destroy the huge golden peach in Shangra

Stronghold Development Plan

Unlock all of your Stronghold

Undisputed Champion

Win 50 matches in the Proving Grounds

I’m Helping!

Contribute to a Guild's weekly income

Buddy System

Complete a dungeon with a guild member

Fighting Spirit

Participate in a Guild PvP match