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This is truly something new and groundbreaking.
I've had little to no VR use in my life up until this point, and I went all in with an Index and a monster computer to run it.
5800x-3080 runs this like butter at 144Hz, probably could max it on cheaper hardware since the Source engines are known for flexing well. Never been a huge Half Life fan but I enjoyed the series enough, this does not require having played the previous games at all to enjoy.

I was told that I wanted an experience not a new game and boy does that hit the nail on the head.
Everything from the introduction to mechanics, the story and characters is amazing. Even after reaching half way through the game I started to feel as if there was nothing "new" to show me and I was of course wrong. Through to the last chapter there's new elements brought before you to give you that extra level of presence or just make things trippy.
Valve absolutely knows what they're doing here and are certainly ahead of the curve, I'm beyond excited to see what sort of new hardware and software they release for VR in the coming years. Another great quote I heard that resonates with me is that the most disappointing part of the game is that it's over.
But there is plenty of workshop content to burn through as well too.

If you doubted VR in the past, this is not only a proof of concept but actually sets the bar so high that most other VR games just feel incomplete or cheesy at this point.

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Is pretty good

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Bobby "Booty Butter" Buckets Sep 27 @ 12:25pm 
All right, well, it's been a while since I've told this story so pull up a chair. First of all, his name was actually JuanDiego Montoya, he played for DIAF (Die in a Fire) and FOH (Flowers of Happiness). He just showed up on the scene at a South California LAN that I worked at one day. I remember the first time this kid walked into the place. I say walked but I swear it kind of looked like he was floating on air. He was wearing this weirdass grey gui and sandals. His eyes looked like they were burning red but you could tell it was from no sleep and too much CRT.
Bobby "Booty Butter" Buckets Sep 27 @ 12:24pm 
He didn't really 'talk' so much as he communicated through a series of facial expressions. Anyway, this kid walks over to the counter, buys an all-day pass, 4 bowls of kimchi, 4 cans of arizona ice tea, and looks directly at me and says (and I say 'says' but I swear he didn't actually use words) "Valar Morghulis". Well this was weird as ♥♥♥♥ because only a week earlier, the local sponsor for the big $5,000 LAN we were hosting had pulled me aside and told me that a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up kid might show up and ask to register a 1-man team for the tournament.
Bobby "Booty Butter" Buckets Sep 27 @ 12:24pm 
He told me that the kid would say the phrase "Valar Morghulis" and that I should register his 1-man team, despite our rules.
The first game JD (as those of us who knew him call him) played was on de_inferno. He literally sat in spawn the entire T half and allowed the CTs to 14-0. On the 15th round, he bought for the first time: a desert eagle, a grenade, no armor. He then threw the grenade directly in front of himself and naded down to half hp, then typed "Hello. My name is JuanDiego Montoya. You killed my brother. Prepare to die." Next thing I know, this kid bunnyhops up T-ramp, up the ladder, quick deags two mid awpers, bunnyhops down to Mexico and gets two Banana pusher with one taps, and now with 2 rounds left, he shoots one off in the sky and starts yelling at the top of his lungs "VALHALLLLLAAAAA" and just runs straight up mid towards the last dude who is now trying to rotate through boiler.
Bobby "Booty Butter" Buckets Sep 27 @ 12:24pm 
Now this last dude was actually one of the only known players to ever master the complete recoil pattern of the para. His name was Johnny R and one time we actually calculated that he could compensate for about 97% of the para recoil... and he had a para! Well JD pushed out of mid exactly as Johnny R pushed out of boiler, Johnny R quickswitches to para and starts letting out the sickest para spray I have ever seen, like 100% accuracy to JD's dome.
Bobby "Booty Butter" Buckets Sep 27 @ 12:24pm 
And then, the incident. Few counter strike players know this, but back in 1.6, you could actually anti-recoil an opponent. Basically, if you could do a pixel perfect opposite movement of the recoil pattern your opponent was inputting, the game essentially "blocked" that specific bullet from registering. So as Johnny R is emptying the entire para clip at JD and hitting 100% recoil compensation accuracy, JD is hitting 100% anti-recoil. It was some crazy ♥♥♥♥ to watch.
Bobby "Booty Butter" Buckets Sep 27 @ 12:23pm 
Then you hear Johnny R's "click click click" and JD quickswitches from knife (you need to have knife out to anti-recoil) to the desert eagle, and with the last bullet, he one taps Johnny R.
Entire LAN is quiet for 7 full seconds. Count out to 7 right now... that's a long ass time. Then, before any of us have a chance to say anything, we realize that the round hasn't ended for some reason... behind JD, something spawned in Mexico. I can't tell you exactly what because all I could see was a bright white light on my screen... but I looked over to the JD's screen and his was the only one that actually showed this demon looking creature with a sceptre.