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Business Opportunity

Acquire Assets when a Business Opportunity comes out from the whee;

Business Opportunities is how you can acquire Assets to increase your passive Income

Now you are going to be presented with a Business Opportunity and its financial properties so you can take a business decision if you consider you should invest and acquire the Asset or not.

Every investment you make must have been correctly analyzed, because a bad investment decision could lead you to Bankruptcy

when you invest in a business you could have a Bank Loan to pay the Cost of the investment in the business so you would just pay a Down Payment from your Available Money to acquire the Asset.

Always make sure the business is going to generate Income for you and that it is higher than the Payment for the business Expenses so you have a positive Cash Flow

The Cash Flow is one of the main properties of the Asset because the Cash Flow is the Passive Income you will receive every Payment Cycle for owning the Asset

Another important property of the Asset that always should be analyzed is the investment's ROI.

The Return of Investment (ROI) is how much of your Down Payment you will get back after on year receiving the Cash Flow revenue from the Asset.

Now let's see if the following Business Opportunity has a good Cash Flow and ROI
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