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May 13 @ 8:01am
In topic I am having a problem with the Tutorial.
Sorry to hear that! When the scroll comes up, you have to click reproduce and then a die to discard to "finish" the reproduce action.

Hope that helps, the game is tricky to learn!
Looked over my Axes and Acres cloud build logs and looks like I was mistaken. It's marked as 32 bit.
That's really weird if its true! I'm not sure why it would be different.

I did update Axes and Acres to a new version of Unity lately so it might work now if Solar Settlers + Militia do. Not sure though, don't have a Mac Catalina computer myself.
Apr 25 @ 1:46pm
In topic Graphical Bug - Fish placement
Okay gotcha, added to the list and will try to reproduce!
Apr 24 @ 11:21am
In topic tutorial bug report
Okay gotcha. Will see if I can reproduce, thanks!!
Apr 24 @ 7:02am
In topic tutorial bug report
I couldn't see the image by clicking on your profile (it said the whole thing was private).

Huh, weird! So which is true?

1) Every time you open the app now you get an error
2) Every so often when you open the app you get an error

3) You get an error only when you click okay on the Deployer popup

4) You get an error at random times now during play
5) You get an error at random times now in the main menu
Apr 23 @ 10:57am
In topic tutorial bug report
Screenshot would be great!
Apr 21 @ 8:24am
In topic 1.02c (Team Up gives one sunlight)
Apr 21 @ 7:48am
In topic 1.08c (Card Hotkeys)
Apr 13 @ 11:05am
In topic 1.08b (Reproduction Hotkey Hotfix)
That's great to hear! And good idea, added to the TODO list!
Windows only for now, and on the beta branch.
(To access the beta right click Axes and Acres in your Steam Library -> Properties -> Betas
then select "beta")

-Discard now shuffles when you run through the deck
-Fixed a couple popup typos (FUTHER victory, forest fires destoyed, etc)
-Fixed the ? screen goal in advanced mode
-Fixed some sound/mute setting issues
-Clicking objective cards mistakenly should no longer trigger anything on the board
-Esc key now closes the "Quit" popup
-Dice are now sorted by face and then type

-[TAB] to cycle through buildings
-[1-5] to select buildings
-[Q or B] to select next Build die
-[W] to select next Work die
-[E or G] to select next Gather die
-[R] to select next Reproduce die
-[C] to select next Crusade die
-[D] to select next Wild die (W was taken)

-[M or T] to use a die for movement
-[S] to save a die for movement
Mar 28 @ 1:19pm
In topic Transfer save between computers?
Oh no! No saves whatsoever?

I believe a bunch of the races are unlocked by achieving a certain rank, so yeah, if you place highly enough I think it unlocks the next race (you might have to win one more game after the placement).
Mar 28 @ 1:03pm
In topic Transfer save between computers?
You're welcome!
Mar 27 @ 8:32am
In topic Transfer save between computers?
It should have cloud save! However if it's not working you can transfer the files in SavesDir wherever Solar Settlers is installed.
Mar 10 @ 7:01pm
In topic Achievements do not count?
This is what my achievement page looks like:

(Your page is hidden or I can't see your games for some reason.)

Have you logged into Militia 2 recently?
Mar 10 @ 6:06pm
In topic Achievements do not count?
What do you mean by they do not count?
I'm not sure that any do actually. You need to do some kind of app signing right?
Never figured out how to do that.
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