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Posted: Oct 3, 2018 @ 9:19am

Atmospherically fantastic. Stasis is an atmospheric, point and click, horror/thriller game. There's a very Alien (first movie) vibe from it initially, and there's multiple plots going on at once as you investigate the space ship that you happen to wake up on.

I recommend it, however... While the game has a very strong start and middle, it falters somewhat towards the end. There's a fantastic 'oh my god, the villain crosses the line' moment, that everyone should see, but there's not enough of a payoff with all the plotpoints and narratives. That's just one of those things that can happen I think. Part of the reason for this is that the horror vibe slowly fades away, and the characters we interact with become too one-dimensional and predictable in their end-game efforts.

Still, this was a worthwhile and enjoyable game for me, enough so that I went on to get CAYNE - which takes place in the same universe and is out for free. The stories are completely separate, so if you're unsure if you'd like the gameplay or the horror elements, you can always try out CAYNE first. Though my personal recommendation is that STASIS is superior to CAYNE overall.

I recommend it as a good horror point and click game; 7/10 overall, but certainly worth playing for the uniqueness that it provides.
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