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Posted: Oct 3, 2018 @ 9:11am

Think the Walking Dead, but in a Fallout style world where everything has been nuked. The Descendant sees you in the role of Donnie, a ‘janitor’ – that’s a person in charge of the ‘vaults’, or more specifically, in charge of looking after and reviving the frozen people in the vaults when the world gets better. Donnie is investigating Ark-01, an Ark that didn’t ‘wake up’ with the rest of the Ark’s when the world became habitable again.

Sounds interesting? It is. However, the developer’s inexperience shines through. Characters are inconsistent and rarely stick to keeping the same personalities. Playing through the game is like battling with someone who has extreme mood swings or a dual personality.

The gameplay is basic and poor, puzzles are extremely simple to deal with. The less said about the entirely unsatisfying ending, the better. This is one that I can’t recommend in good faith, and my advice to developers would be to make sure the story is more tighter and characters more well-defined before undertaking a similar project again in the future.
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