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Posted: Oct 3, 2018 @ 9:07am

Psychological-horror game. Following the story of a man with brain damage who is off to test out a radically new prospective treatment by having his brain scanned. Only he wakes up from the scan in the future, in an underwater compound. Mind-screwing starts here and doesn’t let up, but this is a great storyline actually, philosophical as well. I highly recommend it for the plot alone.

Gameplay-wise, you go around investigating and doing puzzles. There’s ‘monsters’ that you have to avoid by hiding and sneaking about. Unfortunately, I absolutely despise that sort of gameplay because I feel that it’s just boring and eventually frustrating to bother with.

Fortunately, the developers have made a ‘safe mode’. This mode basically makes all the monsters more passive obstacles. They’re still scary (for me anyway), they still provide tense moments and they’ll still slap you about if you’re stupid enough to provoke them. But for most the part you don’t need to bother with the whole stealth and hide and being vulnerable bits. And that is a good thing because less dealing with these encounters ensures you have more time to explore and focus on the storyline, which as stated, is fantastic and is really the main draw of the experience. It also allows you more time to soak in the atmosphere, which is amazing. The music, the sound effects, they're all absolutely frightening and they all combine well to raise the tension levels.

This game had me thinking and also had me on the edge of my seat throughout in both tension and fear, which is a rather unusual combination of emotions to be had. Certainly, one that all should try, either on normal or on safe mode. Plus, that ending will leave you with some food for thought.
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