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Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:31pm


Find a way to beat the first boss!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:49pm

Ruins boss defeated!

Conquer the lord of the ruins.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 8:07pm

Temple guardian defeated!

Slay the island guardian and claim your reward.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:51pm

Cliff boss challenge!

Defeat the cliff boss with three or fewer shots fired.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:53pm

Ruins boss challenge!

Send the ruins boss into the spikes 5 times before defeating him.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 8:13pm

Temple guardian challenge!

Complete level Temple-B from beginning to end without dying!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 8:13pm

Master pirate!

Get all the other achievements!