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Excellent Social Commentary
Breacher Story is a game that is quite possibly in the future but can very easily be viewed as something that is already happening and or could happen. This small novel like game has a simple and effective gameplay style. On the left side of the screen you have some animated images and on the right side you have your phone. The music fits pretty spot on with the blue color tones and atmosphere drawn up by the story. With your phone you will send and receive messages, read the news, and play with the game settings if need be. During dialogue the player is given two choices to reply with. This is a choices matter type game but only for particular things. Choices effect your relationships with characters and how they interact with you; but the penultimate ending is essentially the same regardless of the interactions.

Don't Understand Tech Lingo? You're Still Good.
I come from a computer information technology degree so a game that's central focus is computer technologies and cyber-security was nothing new to me. However; there are some people that might not understand terminology used in the field. Luckily this game comes with a glossary of terms that updates any time a new term appears that can be looked at anytime. There are a lot of interesting theories and conspiracies for say that take place during the course of the story circled around social engineering and cyber securities. The game is quite open ended as a lot of "warning of humanity left to their own devices" stories are. I didn't really have any major complaints coming out of the title. The dialogue was extremely well written. About the only thing I noticed is that it sometimes took a bit of time for the next "text message" to come in. This is a really minor con though. The story is a bit short coming in at just around two hours; but the writing is something that was able to captivate my interest. I would pay more to go see an hour and half movie in the theaters and probably come out with more complaints.
It took a while for me to pick this one up; but I enjoy the purchase. I've yet to see this one go on sale, but the read is worth the asking price. I typically try to weigh games on a scale of price verses entertainment but it can be a bit difficult to do. Whether you wait for a sale or not is really your call; but I can recommend this as a well written narrative game.
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