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Casual Game Players Need Not Buy
64.0 is pretty much in the same vein of style as Super Hexagon and other simplistic but painfully difficult music survival games. The game is listed in a bundle called The Simplest & the Hardest Bundle and I can concur that this game matches up pretty well with that name. The goal of the game is simple. There are four directions of oncoming enemies and your goal is to survive for a mere sixty four seconds by shooting enemies that are only the same color as the background. Reactions are pretty much twitch tested as the background changes colors, enemies come in fast, and the entry point can even be in diagonal directions.

Not exactly my cup of tea
Personally I'm not really into games that are super hard to be super hard but I know there are plenty that do. I would prefer this game much more if there was an offering of a more scale to the high end difficulty opposed to straight to the storm type of gameplay. There is a workshop which can offer some simpler stages and more fun songs; which is a plus. Because it is a difficult game that will frustrate you and make you feel so close to accomplishment; this title is easily a "just one more time" type of game to sit down and play in between bigger games.

In the end I think the best suggestion for this game stands as what can be read on the store page in the first few lines of the About This Game section. Only look into picking it up if you want a difficult, reaction based game and haven't had that itch scratched in a while.
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