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This game is absolutely amazing. In my opinion it is the singleplayer horror survival game people having been waiting for.

So you play a male character thrown into an apocalyptic winter waste land. The lands are infested with some sort of alien or beast like life form, who roam the lands and dwell in infested lairs. You don't have modern weapons, you don't have modern ameneties, it is like the world rewinded itself back into the stone age.

So what can you do and what do you have to do?

+ You have to scavange for food and what little supplies you can find, i.e. sticks, fire wood, pristine wood, arrows, primitive weapons like stone axes or bows and you have to craft. You will also run into other NPC survivors who you can recruit into following you and helping you. Ultimately you will have to survive.

+ Throughout the map you will encounter infested evil nests and monsters that stalk you or explode out of the snow at random times (scaring the sh*t out of you), that can be destroyed, rewarding you with rare crafting materials.

I am pretty sure further down the road you can get a sled with dogs and build a shelter, but in the beginning you have to find shelters throughout the world and be satisfied with a small campfire, keeping you from freezing to death.

Now, is there something negative I have encountered? Yes, two little issues so far. One being the frame rate, which at least for me drops significantly and stutters, unless I turn the graphics down to low. However, take this witha grain of salt, as I am playing this with a GTX660 and only 8GB of RAM.

The other issue I encountered was some weird tiny black line that ran through the middle of my screen, and I am not sure if that was my computer, or something weird with the game's graphics settings. I will play around with that a little more.

All in all I rate this game 8/10. The reason behind it is the frame rate drop and because I haven't explored the entire game yet. I am extremely pleased with it though, and can't wait to explore a lot more. The scare factor is definitely there, the suspense is there, and the game gives you a feeling of wanting to explore more and more, an find out what happened to the world. The crafting is nicely done, as well as the survival aspects of food, sleep and the dreading cold. Combat is also nicely done and gives you a sense of accomplishment once you beat a monster, or two at the same time.

Should you get the game? I say yes! Support the developers, this game is a gem already and can only get better with the addition of more content and some polishing. :)

Note: I will attach a video to this review and on my youtube (Paratrooper82) by tomorrow.