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I was looking at source code, and it looks like it can use multiple GPUs (doesn't need to be even SLI connected). Would be nice if somebody tested on same machine and settings with 1, 2, 3, 4 cards and see scalability (i.e. how updating geometry and acelleration structures could become a bottlneck probably) of frametimes and timeing of various pipeline stages.
You need ray tracing features available. These are available on nVidia RTX, aka GeForce RTX drivers with nVidia drivers only. At the moment. The extensions required are somehow open and part of Vulkan spec, so if more hardware supports it in the future, it might become playable (without modifications, or with minor modifications, if there are some bugs, or performance improvements to be made by it) in the future.

For now, short story, yes nVidia RTX is only option.
Sep 11 @ 8:55pm
In topic does my gpu ray tracing capable?
Originally posted by n00by:
Yes. Basically any GPU is capable of it, but not via Nvidia's own hardware accelerated standard ( VK_NV_ray_tracing ). For that only Nvidia's RTX 2xx0 series and some GTX 1xx0 series have hardware and driver support for.

AMD is unlikely to support VK_NV_ray_tracing standard, going in a different direction of cloud-based ray tracing in the near future.

VK_NV_ray_tracing can be implemented by AMD, and is likely to be implemented, on some future hardware down the line (2021 most likely). Cloud-based ray tracing is just a marketing speak ATM. It is not going to be ever viable really. Hardware RT and denoising is coming to AMD hardware, and to Intel hardware eventually too. It is is very likely it will be using VK_NV_ray_tracing, or a very similar converged API, that nVidia will also implement (i.e. design of stages or some other object interfaces, and formats of acceleration structures are pretty deeply exposed for performance, so if AMD find out something else or better, these might need to change in future specs).

VK_NV_ray_tracing APIs are part of fully open source Vulkan loader and API, and is documented in main Vulkan 1.1 specification, with very little reference to nVidia, beyond infix/suffix NV, where it originated from, and indicates it is an optional extension for the hardware (driver+device) to support, but API fully supports it. You can implement the support for it even using CPU or GPU compute if you really want.
Aug 31 @ 11:26am
In topic On Linux?
+50$ for native Linux amd64 port. Vulkan preferably :)
Aug 31 @ 10:29am
In topic Not available for Linux?
Originally posted by Vortex Acherontic:
Originally posted by smp movax:
+20$ for Linux native amd64 port. Can't buy it otherwise, :/
I played thorugh the whole game using Wine and Proton works also flawlesly. So don't worry, you can just buy and play :)
I guess, you didn't read my message carefully. End of conversation. Bye.
Aug 31 @ 8:05am
In topic Not available for Linux?
+20$ for Linux native amd64 port. Can't buy it otherwise, :/
Jul 31 @ 3:36pm
In topic Linux
+60$ for Linux amd64 / Vulkan native port.
Apr 20 @ 12:26pm
In topic Disk write error on Ubuntu
Yep, if you use NFS4, the solution is to make downloading/ directory be a symlink to some other local file system (i.e. ext4 or tmpfs), possibly use NFS3 with some local_lock=flock mount option, or use a LD preload to disable use of flock for steam, it should be relatively safe I guess. for more details.

Unfortunately it is still not fixed in Steam client as of today.
Apr 5 @ 2:35pm
In topic Broken achievement (Programmer)
In game, if you look at "Achivements", does it still list "Sell 1 Computer" on the list? Or is it completed?
Apr 5 @ 2:31pm
In topic Continue producing without resources?
It is unclear but each "building" actually can buffer inputs and outputs. Amount looks to be unlimited.

You can look at the current amount of input and output stocked in building by switching to "per cycle" view in the building.

It doesn't show it in "per second" video.

So, if you packed a building with a lot of resources, and then disconnect inputs. It is possible it will still produce things.

Similarly, even if stock is depleted, but there is stock of output products, the cars will be running to shops to sell it. This can happen if you have contention on roads, or a building not connected to a shop for a long time. etc.

I sometimes allow some buildings to run dry - disconnect all inputs, but let all stock and already produced items be processed and sold, before destroying the building. But in reality, you can simply destroy it (loosing some money in the stock accumulated), and build more powerful buildings that gives you much more profit.
Hi, this is on Linux, 64-bit, and I traced this to this game.

Directly in my `~/.local/share/Steam/` directory (not in subdirectory with the actual game!), I found the file named


(using ls -l syntax, which I think is equivalent to ls --quoting-style=shell-escape)


(using ls -Q syntax)

Most of the time it shows in most places as H???u???@C????M??????_????M?? or some other crap, and in some places like GTK file dialog there is a suffix " (invalid encoding)", because it is not valid utf-8 string.

File is 183624 bytes.

'file' tells me it is MS Windows icon resource, with 6 icons, 16x16 smallest one, 32bits/pixel.

Opening it in gimp reveals Supply Chain Idle icons inside as layers.


user@debian:~/.steam/steam$ md5sum H���u���@C��M������_����M�^A 50c3f6423d5ce1e7a1de67627d1026b6 H���u���@C��M������_����M� user@debian:~/.steam/steam$ sha256sum H���u���@C��M������_����M�^A e7227ada17b77ec8f80a91d25812b7d2355fdd8c286a5669d33224a26bb498de H���u���@C��M������_����M�

I certainly did not put this file in ~/.local/share/Steam directory , nor named it so weirdly.

This is in tmpfs, so disk or file system corruption is not possible. My RAM is using ECC.
Apr 5 @ 10:09am
In topic Game starts on wrong monitor
I do not use beta yet, but I noticed that normal version does change way it display things when I press F10. It is offset differently from the top.

F10. Not F11.

First is "default", how the game starts, yes there is usually corrupted content on the bottom. Pressing F10 once switches me to a second screenshot.

My Display 0 is 1600x2560.
Apr 4 @ 4:09am
In topic Game starts on wrong monitor
Alt-Enter would probably be better, and more known. I would never figure it out that it is F11.

Honestly I never have seen a game that use F11 for this. I understand web browser use F11 for entering "fullscreen" mode, but in games and other apps it is not so common. Alt-Enter or "F" (especially in media players) is more common. Most games I even tried that do have W/FS shortcut uses Alt-Enter on all platforms. Which is great. Only few use "F" (found 2 in my big library doing this).

I had the same problem with game starting on wrong monitor (i.e. it starts on my left most monitor, that is also my main desktop monitor, but it is in pivot mode and really not suitable for most games), I do have two other monitors that are better for playing games.

Launcher that allows you to select resolution, quality, and windowed checkbox, plus a screen to run on, that also remembers this selection for a next run, would be probably better. I see these launchers very commonly on most of Unity games, and I really appreciate them (because I do have 3 monitors, sometimes want windowed mode, and almost never game selects correct monitor or resolution / aspect ratio), even if some people find it uneeded.
The game has no display/screen selector when launching (which is a shame), and it launches on the wrong display on my computer. When I go to options and click fullscreen to uncheck and go to windowed, the window popup, and the game crashes second later.


Here is gdb output:

Thread 1 "Chromagun.x86_6" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x000000000073ab7f in ?? () (gdb) bt #0 0x000000000073ab7f in ?? () #1 0x000000000073b7e7 in ?? () #2 0x0000000000572c93 in ?? () #3 0x000000000058d118 in ?? () #4 0x00000000004f1ae0 in ?? () #5 0x000000000053b708 in ?? () #6 0x00000000007c65ad in ?? () #7 0x00000000004662cb in ?? () #8 0x00007f7e066de09b in __libc_start_main () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ #9 0x000000000046f7a5 in ?? () #10 0x00007ffce80150f8 in ?? () #11 0x000000000000001c in ?? () #12 0x0000000000000001 in ?? () #13 0x00007ffce80162cf in ?? () #14 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

Aditionally, when the game changed state, I noticed its window is huge, and I got this info from xprop:

WM_NORMAL_HINTS(WM_SIZE_HINTS): program specified minimum size: 55575 by 32638 program specified maximum size: 55575 by 32638 program specified resize increment: 117299479 by 32638 program specified minimum aspect ratio: 3821/0 program specified maximum aspect ratio: 60327520/0 program specified base size: 0 by 0

Obviously the size of this window is incorrect and ridicolous.
Apr 3 @ 3:11pm
In topic Linux Version
Looking at steamdb, I am guessing, this is Unity game, and you only did build 32-bit version. Could you please provide both 32-bit and 64-bit ones? Or just 64-bit to be honest. AFAIK it is easy in Unity to provide both in the same package and share engine and assets. I am not interested in buying 32-bit games on Linux :)
Apr 3 @ 10:20am
In topic 64-bit Linux support?
Originally posted by DejimaGames:

I have to admit I haven't thought about this when making the Linux version of illumine.

illumine was made using Game Maker Studio. To my knowledge, GMS only supports 32-bit binaries for Linux.

It seems Game maker moved on to 64bit with Game Maker Studio 2, but I have no intent on porting the game to that new engine.

Thanks for the comment though, I'll make sure all my future projects include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

BTW. I think it is fine for you to support only 64-bit versions in the future on Linux. 32-bit only market is very small (less than 5%, probably even smaller on gaming desktops - Ubuntu Desktop is running 64-bit version on 98% of desktops, and possible some of the remaining 2% are by mistake :D) and shrinking fast, not to mention developers of most libraries do not pay attention to 32-bit versions anymore. macOS will probably drop 32-bit support and remove 32-bit support completly in next version. So you can completely forget about 32-bit on Linux and macOS, if you want. Developing 32-bit versions would be just waste of your time.
Apr 3 @ 8:33am
In topic 64-bit Linux support?
Originally posted by Happs:
Considering the last update to this game was in 2013, it's HIGHLY unlikely
I know. Your comment really adds nothing to this thread.
Apr 3 @ 8:31am
In topic 64-bit Linux support?
Originally posted by TheToric:
Arch has the multilib repositories, they wont be going anywhere anytime soon.
This game is old, really old. It was made before 64 bit was a big thing. Dont get your hopes up.

I am not. But it is better to voice my opinion and what I would like to happen, that to be silent.

Arch and Debian will support 32-bit kernel and 32-bit userland for some time, but even them can't do that forever I am afraid.
Apr 3 @ 8:29am
In topic 64-bit Linux support?
Originally posted by DejimaGames:

I have to admit I haven't thought about this when making the Linux version of illumine.

illumine was made using Game Maker Studio. To my knowledge, GMS only supports 32-bit binaries for Linux.

It seems Game maker moved on to 64bit with Game Maker Studio 2, but I have no intent on porting the game to that new engine.

Thanks for the comment though, I'll make sure all my future projects include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Thanks for looking into that. Cheers.
Originally posted by Auios:
There is a user named Valknor who runs Winia on Linux. You could try getting in touch with him because he might know how to help you.
He resides on the Multiwinia Discord server.

I do not think you read my comment carefully. I did fix it. The problem is that it is a bug in the Multiwinia that should be solved by devs by properly including required dependencies.

And fixing 64-bit support too.

Many distros will drop 32-bit Intel support in few years from now, and without distro supporting 32-bit, especially OpenGL drivers, there is nothing Steam can do to improve it. The game should include 64-bit support, and ship with all dependencies (other than ones provided by steam runtime, libc and libstdc++6 maybe).
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