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Latchy May 1 @ 1:46am 
ya fat cunt
-MeNtaL- May 1 @ 1:44am 
your as dead to me as a stillborn baby
krazyivan008 May 1 @ 1:43am 
your dead to me mental lol
-MeNtaL- May 1 @ 12:04am 
omfg this guys a HACKER!!! look out his soo leet with a kdr of 0.76! Wow totally hacking!!!

And im meant to be the 'slow one'... you can borrow my crayons :)
krazyivan008 Apr 30 @ 10:20pm 
sorry dude i see exactly what you see its called a glitch mate it happens not everyone is hacking just report me mate or quit your bitching lol i have shared your salty comments and the vid on various social media sites just so others can laugh at you
krazyivan008 Apr 30 @ 10:00pm 
show me these clips if you got em