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Mail of the week:

From: Chris Rodgers
Ohhh ! Admiral, and I do admire your rear ; if only people would see it your way, ISN'T HIND SIGHT A WONDERFUL THING !!! Anyway enough about you , I was just "butt walking to my car" when I thought POOR GUY ! he just wants to be loved, never mind the shirt off your back ; he'll give you the PANTS OFF HIS BUTT !! if he had any. SO WHAT ! about cow and chicken ?, they just don't recognise true tallent when they see it, AND AS FOR I AM Weasel, well when it comes between him and Baboon, Baboon wins ; CHEEKS DOWN ! So vote for "RED" Forever holding the rear, END!!!

From: The Scab Fairy
Hellllloooooo girls!
Ohhoo superb foto you handsome devil!
Butt suddenly I feel like crying, for it is all over in such a little space of time. Still I supose it's better that C&C leave on a high note rather than going the way Ren and Stimpy did. And they were so wonderfully itchy too.
Well enough about all that. MOM'S GOTTA FLY! As it's well past my bed time, three O nion.
The Scab Fairy

From: Joanna
I think you and your butt should win a award for best cartoon characters because you and your butt are the best. Or you should just do a flash show nacked and I mean that. How long did it take your butt to get so bladey big like mine. I think one day you should, beat that super cow and maybe kill the chicken. Well cheers.

From: Tjibbe Wubbels
Hellooo, guess who is heheeeere, it's Uncle Greasybumm, Uncle Breezybum's evil twin. Who would have thought that, you pathetic excuse for girls!!!! Now...... let's get to the point hmmm. That worhtless guy who has tried to dedicate a homepage to my dumm brother is one sick character. I look much better than him. Ask G.G. Allen girls. Oohh my butt is itching gotta gohooo.
Yours sincerely,
Red Greasybumm

From: Anna Harris
Get of you huge butt and tell your creators to make some more c&c cartoons!!!!!!! that's my absolute favorite cartoon!!! I watch it every single time it's on. I am the greatest 11-year old c & c fan of all time.
And no, "Jerry King" as not the oldest fan. My grandma loves that show!!
Anna Harris

Thank you my adoring fans

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Angel Dec 17, 2010 @ 4:23pm 
é só para aquilo que ja sabes xD