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Jun 8 @ 9:24pm
In topic Late summer, huh?
I bought the game almost right away and went no further than the first underground area - about twenty minutes in. I decided to wait for controller support.
May 30 @ 10:48pm
In topic First fist fight
The OP is trolling. He’s created multiple threads like this one.
May 30 @ 10:46pm
In topic Sigh...
Originally posted by Weaponized autism:
Not your game m8 refund and buy something where you don't need to use your brain like minecraft or call of duty.

I don't know what is the difficulty here, you basically beat kunesch up take his stuff buy coal and go its not hard, there are so many ways you can do it and you still manage to fail.

There are so many simple ways to earn the required funds - the OP is either trolling, or he’s an idiot.
May 30 @ 10:45pm
In topic Sigh...
Originally posted by Nova:
Developers: hey guys! You know what would be fun? Let's design a broken game with multiple glitches. We will start off the game by sending the player on a quest to get payment from someone who owes him money. He gets items instead of the money he's owed and can only sell it for 1/5th of the price he needs to progress in the story. And then have him run around with no other quest or items to make up the rest of the gold to continue the story thus wasting 45+ minutes of his time looking everywhere. That will really get the player excited and not make him want to kill himself.

Gamers: hey guys!

Let’s reach out with our hands and hope that the developers hold them for us!

Thinking for ourselves should not be required in a game. Hell, actually playing the game ourselves should not be required!

May 30 @ 10:26am
In topic SLI problem
I abandoned this title last year after one frustrating week with it. At 3440x1440, my two GTX 1080s couldn’t make this game run smoothly (in addition to the stutter, there was SLI flicker).

I now have a single RTX 2080 TI and it’s like I’m playing a new game now.

I’ve been running SLI setups since the GTX 280 days - but no more. After my experience with the 2080 TI I’ll never go back to dual cards.
May 30 @ 10:08am
In topic There's a good game in here somewhere...
Dark Souls?

May 23 @ 12:36am
In topic Fix up the last total war Game first!!!
Originally posted by Genises150:
Fix up the last total war Game first!!!
Its an unfinished mess....

What he said.

Time and time again, CA releases new Total War games without fixing their previous broken games.
May 14 @ 10:35pm
In topic 21:9 Support?
I'll buy this game.... if 3440x1440 is properly supported.
May 13 @ 7:53pm
In topic Game looks kinda..blurred/smudged?
Disable resolution scaling, dumb dumb.
May 13 @ 7:34pm
In topic Question re RTX and DLSS
DLSS significantly reduces iq. 100 FPS at 3440x1440, at max settings, is not possible at present.
May 13 @ 7:16pm
In topic No HDR Confirmed WOW
Gathering Storm was just released. Discounts don’t happen immediately.

What you’re asking for wouldn’t be fair to all the people who supported the dev by purchasing the expansion at full price just a few weeks ago.

You’re only thinking of yourself.
May 6 @ 8:28am
In topic When was SLI added?
I hadn’t played F1 in months, and last night was surprised to see my frame-rate skyrocket. Then I realized that both my 1080s were being maxed. SLI is working now - and the scaling is terrific.
Apr 24 @ 11:59pm
In topic Thank you - Turn Based Combat
Apr 18 @ 10:14pm
In topic Another 9GB update? Seriously?
Feb 23 @ 5:11pm
In topic SLI support in DirtRally 2.0
What a shame.

Because SLI scaling in Dirt Rally is phenomenal - with SLI my framerates are nearly double. Very sad to hear this is not the case here.
Feb 5 @ 5:05pm
In topic Patch 2.0 Before 2020
Originally posted by crulty:
Can the game be beat in its current state?

Yes, the game is finished. Most people are just waiting for controller support.
Originally posted by Sau:
Comparing wiener sizes are we? I'm sitting on a 1080p 240Hz monitor. I'm content with what I have because I have no need to get something larger.

Are you aware that 16:9, when it was first introduced, was scorned by 4:3 users?

The 4:3 people were insanely angry that 16:9 was even being supported. 21:9 is just so much more immersive for gaming. 16:9 is too boxy.

BTW, try going back to 4:3 - which was the standard for about 60 years.
No 21:9 support = no buy.
Originally posted by brian9824:
Originally posted by Francis_Mallman:


I’m 51-years-old, and have been gaming since 1984, when I bought Zork for my pc.

At present, my mother’s dying, I’m possibly going to be losing my job soon, my best friend from school has terminal cancer, and I’m also having problems with the woman I’m with.

Sorry for not being more attentive when playing a computer game.

Sounds like you shouldn't be gaming and focusing on other stuff then tbh

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