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My First co-op map, it is simple, but requires teamwork. You and your friend will be seperated during the mission, but communication and timing is still important.

-Because there is a chance of death, when you respawn- go to the side you have picked, ot
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Had this game since early 2013, while it has been a game that was in Early Acess for a long time- the result is a great game. It's a challenge racing game unlike most typical racing games in which you must jump, spin and fly across various maps. You can enable other player ghosts to compete with and with almost no random factors to this game (only 1 obstacle object has randomness, but is used in maybe one or two of the offical levels) this is nearly entirely a skill-focused game.

While the offical levels may be slightly on the short side, there are hundreds of great community levels and an in-game editor to allow a constant stream of new content for players to try and compete with.

If you like games like Trackmania and/or Rush, you will enjoy this. (also the soundtrack is amazing.)
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(2/2) From the 'old' Trackmorgify generation back in mid 2015 where stacking similar hazard keywords would create a crazy amount of them.
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Slickboots McScooty Oct 21, 2021 @ 12:52pm 
+rep super fun killer to play against, had a great time
Avean Jul 2, 2011 @ 11:25am