Hero [Incognito]
Gotta Move That Gear Up
"A FLUFFY )3UNNY : u mve up ♥♥♥♥"
"Duke : his mother went suicide when he saw him as a babie"

Illa nine: 1st UGC HL Season 18
Illa nine: 3rd UGC HL Season 17
wEshine: 2nd UGC HL Season 15
Ascention: 2nd UGC HL Season 14
Infinite: OWL 10 Div 2 [Most Improved Player]
Infinite: 1st UGC 6's Season 13
BSG: 3rd UGC HL Season 11
Liquid: 2nd OWL 8 Div 6
.sir: 3rd UGC Highlander
.dh: 1st Gaming Sydney Highlander (bracket 2)
DuF: Double Title Holders OZHL
DuF: 2nd Kritzkast Lofi Offclass Cup
DuF: 1st Wintersmash 6v6
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21 Oct, 2013 @ 1:16pm
Happy Birthday! :}
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Happy Birthday! :}
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