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Posted: Oct 29, 2015 @ 2:29pm
Updated: Jan 29 @ 6:44am

I loved the Ultima series, back in the eighties. I liked Ultima Online, for what it was.

Shroud of the Avatar had potential, I thought, considering the upper management's experience. Wow, was I wrong.

None of this potential shows in the pre-alpha state of October 2015.
[EDIT] This has not changed as of January 2017. And I mean none. Zero. Nada.

The best summaries of the game from other reviewers:
- "Their moderators' technique toward constructive criticism is basically them admitting they know the game is crap."
- "The devs are like the three monkeys which each cover eyes, ears or mouth."

What we can clearly see is a cash grab, encouraging each Kickstarter backer to spend another few hundred dollars more than they already did - and delivering a product which calling "amateurish" would be an insult to amateurs.

The company milks dreams of players who fondly remember their gaming days with the Ultima series. All we are getting are pipe dreams.

I suggest that if you have not paid for the game yet, stay away until you see reviews of the finished result. Sometime in the 2020ies, I would guess, considering the progress in the last five years.

Unless you are a die-hard Ultima series fan, worship the ground Lord British walks on, and want to spend US$ 3,200 on a "Kobold Tax Free City Lot". Then be my guest. In this case, I have a glorious golden bridge in San Francisco to sell.
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