Coffin Dodger
Tom   Suffolk, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:salt: WALL OF SALT :salt:

IDK Cribby : Coffin Status: Stuffed [X] Not Stuffed [ ]
Fritz. : That was an unbe****ingleivable shot o_o
[GDS] Tibo : So coffin are you hacking or not? 3 mid air scout headshots in a row...
Ka7o : coffin turn the aimbot off
deci : coffin, the stuffer of decis
Bleed : Far Q pink blur.
NE.PENTIA Salmon : fml coffin....
HORATIO CAINE : geeeeeeeez loueeez coffin fu
[d¿s] th-th-TheSucker : I LOVE YOU COFFIN
Phuxor : aimbotter too like that f****t stacker
NimBoT^8] : nice hax, swifty hit him!!!
[M]aC[H]i[N]e>? : Isn't this server VAC secured? Stupid hacker -.-
Nooby MacNoob : oh nightmare on blu xD, things always turn nasty when Coffin decides to snipe.
Shougnate Sitarattapea : HOW THE ****, WHAT ARE YOU?! YOUR NOT HUMAN
Jesus Spiffing! : You are literally, the luckiest ****er alive.
worse ツ (i'll be back) : looks like you stuffin some coffins mr. stuffin coffer.
Johnny Ganja #ss : Ok coffin you can **** off now.
Johnny Ganja #ss : go and die
infs flisko : snipers a ****ing ridiculous class.
Rubikon : wtf was that coffin?
Burnzzz : I'm afraid to go near you Coffin Stuffer.
Moh. : Why is it i never see you snipe a**hole? your a p***k.
locus : jh would you snipe his ass
*DEAD* Ozone : Coffin is op snioper
*DEAD* <3 S3 : sure
*DEAD* <3 S3 : only hsç
Vaskie : Jesus Coffin, you are a pub sniper god :D
Super Loz : Nice shot coffiun stuffer
Fortune Smiles : SHOT COFFIN!
Byte @ i47 : cof man you've got some lightning reactions there. - Mix/Merc : whaa the **** coffin
LUXOR -AA- : Coffin going huge....
mrcrrep (Spaguntl) : coffin, either you have aimbot or god like aim
Charmy : lol nice hack one shot impossible
*DEAD* cc//Jingle Saf : If it ain't Jesus it's you Coffin >:I
prkl -AA- : ****ING noob
-->That Guy<-- : da f*k???!?!?! Nice one coffin
jh : pz coffin, good sniping.
*DEAD* Mental Massacre : aimbot off coffin
*DEAD* Entman : didn't know they let cheaters into etf2l legaues
*DEAD* Heneris : coffin, you are good, k.
A Tasteless Cabbage : Coffin Stuffer, you may at some point be responsible for the destruction of my keyboard.
Faia Pokemon ! : I prefer you sniping on my side coffin :p
*DEAD* arc : officialy been stuffed.
prstg konr-AA- : if your in div6 coffin something is wrong with this world
Byte ♥ : collin tore us up
I think we're parked man : div 6 constant 2 shot seems legit....
ipz : coffin sucks donky ***** without his private medic.
Vinny : wow man3, dat sniper tho.
Airon IeXtvI : wow that blu sniper carry as ****
[SPS] *Matthew Hobbs* : Bloody good shot!
*DEAD* Gundorf : coffin daumn son.....
J Dilla : yeah coz ure not aimboting at all are you coffin?
Doc Johnson : lol fast reload, auto aim it's all there eh? triggerbotting aimbotter...
Masked : you arse, i don't have a middle finger long enough for you.
funkdoctor : coffins sniping is too perfect, i mean **** dat.
psychoSplodge : is coffin hacking or really really good sniper?
capShoot : that was a ****ing digustingly good shot coffin holy ****.
ClassyChameleon : I highly suspect 14 year old Japanese girl to be hacking, she hasn't missed a headshot.
BDO : Ao good ****ing aim gg

Vetril the Chef : we should have sniper only round
Grandpa Jingles : With coffin?
Vetril the Chef : no he has to go fists only hoovy

Derek Zoolander : How are you that good at sniper?
*DEAD* Danskjäveln tar mina riksdaler : GOD DAMNIT COFFIN
Derek Zoolander : see? he's 2gud.

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bun Sep 28 @ 7:45am 
'The pickle tickler'
PedalBin Jun 4, 2014 @ 2:31am 
Haha, love the name of your sniper, just noticed it :)
SkeletalBOB |UKCS| Mar 7, 2014 @ 3:36am 
3,254 hrs on record
last played on 28 Feb ... :medicon:
Swifty Dec 24, 2013 @ 9:20am 
Merry Christmas mr stuffer
mik Dec 12, 2013 @ 7:56am 
my god :o I love you coffin
Coffin Dodger Dec 12, 2013 @ 7:55am 
It's xmas soon so you can pick a game too m1k :3