♔|BE|♔ Lord James R. Whir VI
Jon   San Ramon, California, United States
●▬▬▬|♔| Information |♔|▬▬▬●
~ Residence: South of Penicuik England, Personal Plantation Large Training Grounds
~Training Grounds: Trains men of line, some artillery
~ King's Guard: 150 Royal gaurds of line, 100 Expert Regiment of Horse
~ Servants: 30 Butlers and Maids and cooks
~ Personal Wealth: 75 billion pnd Sterling
~ Languages: English, French, Russian

●▬▬▬|♔| Family |♔|▬▬▬●

Brother: Marshal Sir Jack Whiro II

●▬▬▬|♔| Royal Family |♔|▬▬▬●
Father: George V, King of England
Mother: Marry II
Uncle: George I
Brother: Albert
Brother: Alexander
Brother in Law: Alexander
Brother in Law: Francis
Brother in Law: Francis II
Sister: Louise
Sister: Victoria
Sister: Maud
Cousin: Friedrich
Cousin: Nicholas II
Cousin: Alexander
Cousin: Mikhail
Cousin: Georgi
Cousin: Anastasia
Cosuin: Tataina
Cousin: Friedrich
Cousin: Heinrich I
Cousin: Wilhelm
Cousin: Adalbert
Cousin: Waldemar
Cousin: Alphonse
Cousin: Viktor
Cousin: August
Cousin: Karl Franz
Cousin: Eitel
Cousin: Lawrence
Cousin: Ludwig II
Cousin: Otto I
Cousin: Andrew I
Cousin: Maximillian II
Cousin: Ulrich I
Cousin: Konrad I
Cousin: Maximilian
Cousin: Isabella
Cousin: Marie
Wife: Mary
Son: Albert
Son: Henry
Son: George VI
Son: John
Son: Victor
Son: Henry II
Son: Edward VIII
Son in Law: Ferdinand II
Daughter: Mary

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On 20th October 2011, Colonel Muhammad Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was killed in his hometown of Sirte, after 42 years of leading Libya to glory.
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No no, vote AYE, King Alexander wants our Military Courts under civilians and is going by a half finished constituion which even he admits has holes in it. Vote Aye!

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Please vote Nay on this:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/British__Empire#announcements/detail/1840026450857108234?tscn=1396587781
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