Joe Weiss   Annapolis, Maryland, United States
Enjoy first person and strategic gaming ever since they were marketed, the latter since I was in high school playing SSI games. My fav first person is Half Life, nothing ever came close after its release but I hold out for that day when the Virtual version appears with gloves and all to make it lifelike.

Currently really enjoy Americas Army - awesome game and awesome players at The Party After Clan (TPA) site as -=TPA=-Spartanic - visit us at http://thepartyafter.net/ . I balance that with Gary Grigsby's War in the East (War in the West, The Ardennes Offensive based on Battles in Italy, and the War between the States can wait until I am done with the East). Played all the prelims and now onto 'Sudden Death' the entire War. Can the Germans knock them out early on? I think so, just requires being agile, fast, and without fear. I will let you know.

BTW it definitely would be better against live players on the strategic side so if you ever want to get an email game going just drop me a line.
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