Killing in the Name
Clan uBer
Cevo s3 (half)

Kryptic/eXult Scout/Sniper
Cevo s3 (other half), Cevo OCZ, Cevo s4 (playoffs)
TWL s3 (playoffs), Qualies, Twl S4 (playoffs)
Esea s3(raped), Esea-o s4 (7th/8th), ESEA-S6 (11th/12th)

eX-Submit a ticket Roaming Soldier
esea-S10 Open 2nd

Hausen (formerly Distinguished Gentlemen, formerly Kryptic) will look to get their first legit win over ionic, who is also looking for their first win. Expect Hausen to take this one. Expect it to be close. Then, expect Hausen to change their name, yet again, to Ochocinco TF2.

Prediction: Ocho- uh... I mean... Hausen.TF2

exult! `itisgreen: and you just used an averb like an adjective
exult! `itisgreen: dunbass

eXult vs Gravegun is a Faggot

Gravegun: Were fucking horrible kayaws and killing are going to do backflips and hadukens and shit were gonna lose

eXult > Gravegun 10-0

No offense killing twelve. But my stats as spy are slightly better than yours and I don't know about you but I'm very consistent. I don't think you can teach me anything.

Embier: If we win I'm gonna go out and buy a six pack of beer

Killing: And what if we lose?

Embier: I'm gonna go out and buy two six packs of beer

Gobiner: Killing plays with no mousepad and only about 4 centimeters (he's Canadian, they use metric) of horizontal mousing surface. Fortunately he's got plenty of vertical space so he can still get those sick airshots.

Embier's letter to my mom:

My name is Matthew Venskus. I am the A-captain in charge of scheduling for Kryptic Gaming's Team Fortress 2 division. Your son is a vital member of our team and we appreciate you supporting his hobbies and interests. Contrary to what you may think, many of us playing TF2 are adults with adult schedules. Your son is young, but I think he's responsible and mature enough to know how much sleep he needs to continue doing well in school. I recognize that grades are important, and any slip-up on his part should result in consequences. As the A-Captain for Kryptic Gaming's Team Fortress 2 division, I feel as though I've become something of a father figure for him. If necessary, I'm willing to make it official. I know this is a bit sudden, since we've never met, but I could help him with his homework and ensure that he continues to excel in his studies. After assisting him, I would be glad to fulfill my husbandly duties and satisfy you. I think you will find my cock's girth and width something to behold. Furthermore, I have the stamina to keep it going long enough to put you to bed. After a bit of cuddle time, he and I can play TF2 for some stepfather/son bonding. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. I look forward to your reply. Please include pics.

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