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Posted: Dec 21, 2016 @ 4:40am
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Early Access Review
Grab the Bottle. In short, the name of the game kind of tells you about the gameplay. Sounds easy? It isn’t!

In this game you control a hand with a looooong arm. The controls are easy, moving left and right, grabbing and speed up. But what seems easy on the first look is more than hard on the second.
You have to grab a bottle each level, but there are different obstacles and other items you have to get first before you have access to the bottle. If you hit the wall, solid objects or even your arm while maneuvering around your hand begins to hurt, if you hit something once more you have to start the level from the beginning.

I like the idea of the game. Each level is a photo in a photo album and you begin back when you were a baby, grabbing a milk bottle. As you become older your hand grows (what makes it harder not to hit something) and you prefer other drinks. Currently the game ends when you are still a boy. So we can await much more content and levels. The developer will soon add a multiplayer mode and more single player levels (teen, young adult, middle-aged and senior).

The music is also okey, it doesn’t distract you from concentrating and thinking how to solve that one far too difficult level. Some of them are really difficult and I was sitting there, thinking, getting frustrated because nothing works, tried different ways, over and over again. (at one moment I even tried to find a walkthrough, but aren’t any!) But in the end I managed to solve all of them somehow. Though I think that sometimes I did not do it as it was intended. I even managed to win that crazy level in the end (I began to think, that this was a joke and I’d never win it). This game has no achievements yet (they will add them soon), but the end of each level felt like an achievement already!

There is only one thing in the end. The scene in the last level moves (trees, background) but the “comic-dots” don’t, this could lead to dizziness (I had to rest a bit before making more attempts).

+ nice idea with the stretching arms
+ photo album and comic style
+ very challenging
+ controller support
+ soon there will be more levels and multiplayer
+ soon there will be achievements and trading cards

- last level caused dizziness
- there could be more level (but they will be added soon)

So all in all this is a really nice and challenging game and if you like to solve puzzles and have some spare time I’d definitely recommend this to you. And as soon as they add multiplayer, more levels and achievements this game will become even better!

8/10 Fingers broken while grabbing the bottle!

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