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Nov 20 @ 9:00pm
In topic Gargoyles flying to high to hit
That's how it was in the original, don't they eventually fly down or land?
Nov 10 @ 3:04pm
In topic Autoaim On or Off?
It is designed with autoaim enabled. Especially flares ... are hard to use without it!
Nov 10 @ 2:59pm
In topic Stuttering Like Hell
Midi is better than CD music. Disable CD music!!
The rights for the game were passed on to another company or something like that. So the developers stopped getting paid some time ago and development stopped.

If you have problems, use BuildGDX.
For me it runs fine except the stuttering for a few seconds after every quicksave. But I hate inconsistencied with the Spray Can and the other things and I want to play custom episodes so ...
Set your settings and never change them again lol. You should also try to update your gfx drivers. If you really have more problems then use BloodGDX, drop it in the game folder and run that engine instead.
BloodGDX has a problem with VSync for me. Disable it and set the frame limiter to 120 or 144 or whatever it is.
Oct 31 @ 7:36am
In topic How do i install NBlood?
Put its files in the game's folder.
Oct 31 @ 7:33am
In topic Death Wish Version 1.6 is out now!
Best addon ever!
But you need the game files for BloodGDX so you need a legit version of the game.
Oct 28 @ 9:18am
In topic multiplayer dead?
Go to discord to find players and maybe use one of the other two ports.
Oct 28 @ 9:16am
In topic Have the patches dried up?
Originally posted by Steven Seagull:
Originally posted by VGA:
NBlood has serious problems.

Then start opening issues on its github page with the steps to reproduce those "serious problems".
BloodGDX looks completely different than the original DOS version. I mean not a single pixel has correct color. How would you call that if not a "serious problem"?

I am reporting the bugs on discord. Maps being unfinishable are a more serious problem than wrong colors. Also, you can use the classical renderer of BloodGDX if you absolutely want proper colors.
Drop the BloodGDX files in the folder of the game and use that engine. It has better save support, quicksaves are instant.

Play custom episodes with that one, they are more challenging usually! :D
Oct 24 @ 3:22pm
In topic Have the patches dried up?
Originally posted by Snake:
Why exactly does the game need more patches? I've done 3 full playthroughs and played custom maps and have no issues.
You can play and have fun just fine. But it has major problems like the Spray Can weapon being unfaithful and way less useful than in the actual, real game :D

And compatibility with custom content is rather bad, you may have gotten lucky, didn't notice the problems or played content that was known to be compatible with FS. Only BloodGDX is truly compatible. NBlood has serious problems.
Oct 22 @ 7:28am
In topic A New Game
Forget about a sequel and play the awesome custom content the fans have created. Like Death Wish!
Oct 18 @ 2:24pm
In topic Cloud saves REally needed
Upload your save to Google Drive :D
Oct 18 @ 2:21pm
In topic Have the patches dried up?
Just use BuildGDX and that's that!
Nice! Is this harder or easier than French Meat and RATM?
Oct 18 @ 5:53am
In topic E4M8 is busted?
There are many videos of people playing through these maps, you should have watched a video on Youtube :D
Oct 18 @ 5:48am
In topic Busted map pack, is there a fix?
LOI is Legend of the Iconoclasts or something. Get stuff from here

But I recommend using BuildGDX with the game files of your current installation. Drop a mod into its own folder, run BuildGDX, select custom content and load the mod's ini!
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