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Jun 5 @ 3:35pm
In topic UI Scaling option needed!
Seperate text scaling would help too.

I can BARELY even see the icons on the crafting menu now.
If I didn't know what they were ahead of time, I WOULDN'T know what they were at a glance.
Oddly the text size is still pretty good.

Add a UI scaling option so we can make it all as big or small as we need it to be!
May 27 @ 10:59am
In topic Ch 7 when??
May 18 @ 10:37am
In topic Game freezes on exit!
Thank you.:steamhappy:
May 18 @ 8:34am
In topic Game freezes on exit!
Originally posted by WFTO Dev | Brightrock Cian:
Are you still having any issues or is the game now working?
It exits just fine now. thanks

Only thing I want to do is run the pre-req programs to verify they are working.
However now that steam has changed to a central location for them, I don't know what programs to run. >.<
May 18 @ 6:14am
In topic Game freezes on exit!
IT didn't solve the problem.

I verified after it started up.
May 17 @ 5:16pm
In topic Game freezes on exit!
Well this is odd.
Without doing anything I start it up now and it exits fine.

I do verify it says there's a 308 byte corrupt file.
Also the pre-load... ie before it gets to the actual loading menu is taking a long time.

Since steam moved the pre-reqs to a central pool, I no longer know what to try verifying.
What are the pre-reqs for WftO?
May 17 @ 5:03pm
In topic Game freezes on exit!
32gig ram
ryzen 7 2700x

plenty of hard drive space available.
May 16 @ 12:51pm
In topic Game freezes on exit!

I start it up. I click exit, the game freezes and wont' exit unless force closed. :steamfacepalm:
May 14 @ 4:03am
In topic Very small update?
Good to know. thanks
May 14 @ 3:25am
In topic Very small update?
`480k just d/l'ed for Below Zero.
Anyone know what it is?
I agree with OP.
Hovercraft should work on water!

real or game doesn't matter... the company isn't going to make exploration craft that are single use only; that'd be an inefficient use of resources.
May 10 @ 2:10am
In topic Ch 7 when??
Still... better done right, then fast.
Apr 18 @ 9:54am
In topic Ch 7 when??
Good to know that, at least.
Mar 28 @ 11:38am
In topic Food/Water consumption speed
Originally posted by Cougarific:
The only way to stop food and water going down is to sit on a bench or chair.

Otherwise it's constant (and not dependent on any other factors).

I guess technically when you're driving the Sea Truck you are seated but it doesn't count because you can't do anything else at that point other than drive the Truck (vs. being on a chair/bench which allows you to pull up your PDA and read stuff).
I don't think that's how it works in the original. I remember going around in the vehicles and using FAR less food and water then when I was swimming everywhere.
Mar 28 @ 11:17am
In topic Food/Water consumption speed
I spawned a sea truck
I couldn't build it, cause there's not much gold in my smokstacks, nor much of any of the scanner metal either.

Anyway while booting around for an hour, I notice that I'm constantly out of food and water... even more then swimming around doing stuff.

I'm wondering.... is the food and water useage based on distance traveled? and is driving the truck not being counted as an idle state?
Feb 27 @ 4:57am
In topic Ch 7 when??
You are talking like they're reasonable
They're not!
Every single one has been impossible to finish; even the first one.
They have ten times more units coming at you then the attack missions in the same areas.

And as to leveling up, that building was accessible the first time I got to base camp and hasn't been clickable at all, after... so I couldn't pick more powers.
I was already leveling up the mechs, but I don't know if that actually does anything.

Then there's the powers... which depend on parts now. :-(
I've found 2 of them.. each with 1 point only... which again worked in attack missions where I wasn't being swarmed.
Feb 14 @ 8:33pm
In topic No way to garrison troops....?
Remember in the old airmech, you could pick up a troop and drop them on one of the fortification pads at the corders of each outpost and they'd auto slot in as garrisoned troops?
Why can't I do that in this?

The only way it works now is they do it automatically when taking a fort, but if killed are impossible to replace.
and need to be VASTLY toned down.
I was ignoring them, since they are so incredibly irritating... until I ran into one that's manditory for the story. :steamsalty:

Whoever made these has no sense of balance.
The first manditory survival mission I ran into is impossible!
I can't even survive the first wave of it. :-E

This is in comparison to every single attack mission, which I was able to do with only some difficulty.
Feb 13 @ 2:06pm
In topic Ch 7 when??
Originally posted by 1.048596β:
Man this chapter is probably going to be really freakin cool. And im glad itll be here hopefully by March.

Theres only one problem

The wait for ch.8 is going to be hell
haha that is quite far in the future.
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