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Wonders while obviously sex crazed, would the inhabitants of Lustighah (I know I f'd up the spelling) would be dumb enough to ignore a technology that if embraced in the 70's like it shoulda been would have prevented this...Can't help but wonder.
Jun 4 @ 10:37pm
In topic Possible sexual content/mechanics
Originally posted by Elysion:
With Lunarium coming with Lust from Beyond, it's going to be hard to trump that in the sexual content department)) But I'm definitely looking forward to Succubus :D

Lunarium vs. the Succubus, who is hotter and more apt to want to play?
Jun 4 @ 10:35pm
In topic Why play this game?
And while you argue about Agony being good or not, hydrogen fuel cell embracification that should have occured in 1970, has been ignored and here is your result, read it and weep.
Originally posted by Elysion:
Originally posted by BlackWater:

This Lust from Beyond, can we invite the Succubus & Blood Reina to that party?

Bhahaha it's Blackwater the Succubus lover xD Trust me, this is a game you will want to play. Have you played the demo already? If not you have less than 24 hours to back the project! :D I donated over $450 to this project, or if you ask nicely I will find you one of my leftover demo codes I was allowed to share :>

Yes please I'd love to try it. Assuming you still have it..
Originally posted by Amanda Moon:
Well... Elysion explained that very well. :)
If you want something that will go "full 18+ or full eldritch+" - check out Lust from Beyond.
Yv'h Iauv'abrarc! Y'vh Lusst'ghaa.

This Lust from Beyond, can we invite the Succubus & Blood Reina to that party?
Jun 2 @ 9:06pm
In topic Why play this game?
Why play this game? because Blood Reina commands it.
May 29 @ 8:16pm
In topic Can we get a non-hooved succubus?
The Sucubus as she would be in mortal form...
May 27 @ 8:08pm
In topic mutiplayer
Subanautica gets multi if you can defeat Blood Reina in single combat.
Also get this consistantly.
May 19 @ 11:19pm
In topic Why all the requests for third person?
Have to admit it would be cool to watch 3rd person kill anamiations of the Succubus, kinda like this guy.
May 19 @ 10:54pm
In topic Sub tittles
Ive noticed that in 100% American made games as well, while annoying, I cut more slack to games from Devs from other countries.
May 12 @ 8:08pm
In topic This game is such a mind f.
Originally posted by No Limit Soldier:
Love it.

I'll admit, the baby sacrificing is a little disturbing. My wife was like "wtf are you playing!"

I explained the game to her and she said, "Why would you fill your head with that?"

I told her it was fun and terrifying. It's a horror game.

Repent, woman!

On a side note, this game has made me read the Bible more than I have in years. It's actually a pretty good book.

Wife saying "WTF are you playing" If I had an electron from a penny for every time my GF said that to me I would be a quad-zillionaire.
May 11 @ 9:40pm
In topic All Achievements
Originally posted by DI3SIRAE:
I still need to play Evil Within, but it is in my list

yes, you was an experience.
Originally posted by TheHellMessenger:
Hi Guys,

You will find a lot of answers in the new game. We don't want to spoil the fun of discovering everything on your own ;)

Take care,
The Hell Messenger

THIS is very true.
May 8 @ 4:40pm
In topic All Achievements
Originally posted by DI3SIRAE:
Yeah, got most of them by myself and used a guide to get statues and endings. In the end, i got all of them, not sure how i got some... Like Lara would be so proud.

Lara from Evil Within vs. the Succubus, THAT would be a fight to watch.
May 8 @ 4:39pm
In topic Thoughts and feedback
Its cool they are doing this game, but until it drops, kinda hard to evaluate it.
May 7 @ 10:35am
In topic Sale
Originally posted by +Tooterfish:
It's still worth the 60 bucks m8, they knocked it out of the park with this one.

Good. then were in the F! is our DLC's (three - no less) AND our sequel?
May 6 @ 8:43am
In topic A question about keys
No, keys found remain found on New Game+, and if your also collecting your map fragments, you get some new toys in addition to what you get for beating the game, a game beaten on Nightmare nets you something quite usefull when ammo is scarce. One of the toys doesn't have readily available ammo, so any locked lockers MAY contain ammo for said toy. Some of the keys and map fragments are VERY well hidden. I had to reference a guide to find one of the fragments and two of the keys.
Originally posted by Transhumanist:
Originally posted by Phoenix:
We're not even sure it's going to be the same Succubus. There's many of them, after all. As for how the one in Agony Unrated lost hers... I do hope we get some backstory some time.

We are though. The game's description says it's the same one Nimrod chose to be his queen.

What I wonder did she just want away from Nimrod or will she actively turn against him..but MORE Lore,secrets, begining about our fair Succubus please. Also want to know how she got in tight with the Red Goddess.
Apr 27 @ 8:54pm
In topic This game is crazy
Oh you can't tell me you deny your urges for the Succubus, you'd totally bang her if she wanted it from you. Now if you REALLY (No offense intended to Agony team) to be creeped out by a game, then try Amnesia: Dark Descent & Don't Knock Twice.
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