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george γεωργος
thank you for invites CODAW & CODIW...i join IF :KholatCompass: permits
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thank you for reading
I spent a lot of time introducing myself in chatbox to many of my friends,
here is a little more info on me
-i play from africa, zimbabwe, (where I stay it's 9/12 months ''very'' hot)
-earlier @ school i was a chess champion :shchess:
-I believe gaming is a good mental excercise for strategic thinking (learning curve applies)
-i am greek
- day job bookkeeper []
Uplay-nerkhayze<=add(pm me on steam saying that you are adding me)
acc. if they say press alt+f4 in-game don't listen to them...
Origin-Nerkhayze<=add(pm me on steam saying that you are adding me)
-i am known as uncle & thus my brother's son's do sometimes play "some" games through my steam address, (think it's on my computer, when i'm busy at work)
-i acquired an INTERMEDIATE DEGREE in economic and management sciences
the name as-is I noticed in Greece, Athens while I worked there a few years earlier, it was graffitti spray-painted on a few walls through-out the city, NO that graffitti wasn't my creation.

- gaming history
:D:started with a handheld nintendo early 80's
:csgoglobe:games there were mickey & donald, donkey kong
:D:then games on wrist-watches (yes)
:csgoglobe: a DR-DOS computer (1st PC) []
:D:on above :trapper: pc SOPWITH, DOUBLE-DRAGON
:csgoglobe:PRINCE OF PERSIA was also popular
:D:later again gifted a console with DUCK-HUNT
:csgoglobe:very late 1990's I purchased a handheld nintendo with Tom & Jerry game & Pitfall The Mayan adventure, I then gave it to a much younger boy

Ne:2:rk Hayze

here are specs of rigs :TheComputer::TheComputer::TheComputer: I play on;

desktop (built) <=I
:TransistorComputer:MSI gaming - X 6 gig vram GTX 1060
:TransistorComputer:Intel core i7-4790 @3.6GHZ
:TransistorComputer:HYPER FURY X 16 gigabyte DDR3 1600mhz RAM
:TransistorComputer:AS ROCK P81 PRO 3
:TransistorComputer:Kingston 120 gig SSD
:TransistorComputer:550W power supply (PSU):smuganime:
:TransistorComputer:6 TB :dropcrate: games

desktop (built) <=II
:TransistorComputer:EVGA SC (superclocked) - 4 gig vram GTX 1050 Ti
:TransistorComputer:Intel core i7-7700K @4.2GHZ
:TransistorComputer:HYPER FURY X 16 gigabyte DDR3 1866mhz RAM
:TransistorComputer:Gigabyte H170M-D3H-DDR3 compatible mainboard: DDR3+i7-7700K
:TransistorComputer:Patriot Spark 120 GIG SSD
:TransistorComputer:550W power supply (PSU):yazdsmile:
:TransistorComputer:6 TB :dropcrate: games

laptop <=III
:csdmad:-8 gig vram GTX 1070 not MAX-Q
:csdmad:-i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHZ
:csdmad:-16 GIG DDR4 2400 mhz RAM
:csdmad:-7TB :dropcrate: games

multiple PC gaming organise your saves as not all games have cloud save:floppy:

-quad core cpu 1.512 GHZ
-2gig RAM
-Google Play


GAME RULES universal -unspoken, not because i said so -::The_Program::The_Program::The_Program:(effective)
X1=end T H E game,
X2=SHOOT :ediexclamationmark::ediexclamationmark::ediexclamationmark:(kick:KholatBoot:/punch:Takedown:/poke:knife2:/resist:steammocking:) you're getting decimated :edipistol:
X3=own T H E game (it belongs to:10dollar::cowcredits::money:)

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Chi 12 hours ago 
Sir hayze
Chi Aug 10 @ 10:47am 
あなたの夢を夢にさせない <3
TheDude47 Aug 1 @ 8:53am 
oh and give me 100 bucks now !!! ill suck your desktop
TheDude47 Aug 1 @ 8:52am

GET THIS♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
NazarLvov Jul 24 @ 2:19am 
Hello my new friend ) :REMAIN_Hello:
Nice to meet you :) :deal_done:
I wish you a great week.:justchilling::lounge::2017stickypopsicle:
nerk hayze Jul 12 @ 11:11pm 
tky drew, :petrifiedear: