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Leaf   Florida, United States
Please comment before adding me!
(Unless i met you in a server then remind me)
I do sfm posters if you want me to make you one just comment on my profile with details on what you want on your character (tf2 only for the time being)
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Little more bout me
I enjoy TF2 alot. My mains are Spy and Soldier. Im a decent scout most of the time.
Im a pretty friendly person according to others.i make sfm for others they can tip or pay but i make mostly sfm posters for no cost!you can add me if you want but please please comment first otherwise i will ignore it because of how many scammers added me... unless i met you in a server...
I do love making new friends!
If you have any life problems you can come to me im a very good person to talk to and ill try my best to help you!
i do not trade with other people so don't ask!
If your profile is private i will not add because of past experiences

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🦊 golden🐺 14 hours ago 
hey bro
♥Sunflower♥ Sep 7 @ 6:17pm 
10/10: Certified cutie~
🔻 🍊 /WG\ Boriz❤ Aug 15 @ 9:29pm 
Sorry bud i dont add private accounts ^-^"
🔻 🍊 /WG\ Boriz❤ Aug 5 @ 10:08am 
sorry i dont add private accounts
Spewks Jul 31 @ 7:44pm 
Wholesome, trustworthy, and just a great person to hang out with overall. He'll be one of my best pals for a long way coming!
Kōri_the_Glaceon Jul 31 @ 7:13pm 
Evoi! uwu