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???   Massachusetts, United States
my culture is distinct, so distinct that you can see my culture from miles away. My culture is much more distinct than yours, for mine is so distinctive, that you can be on neptune and you STILL see my culture. My culture is also very unique, if you think your culture is more unique, then your in big trouble. Because if you even have a thought about your culture being more unique or distinct ill........politely ask you to rethink your actions....just kidding, ill take you in the middle of a street let you get hit by a go cart, pick you up throw you into a pit of fire snake monsters,rip out your hair, feed you left pinky to a sloth, shove a giant bannana down you throat, rip out your liver feed it to the nearest panther, feed your femer to a dog, replace you eyes with pennys, make darth vader force choke you,make donald trump make his wall fall on you, then ill wrap a sock around your neck and sufficate you, feed you 50 times the amount of daily sugar intake, and the list goes on. so dont think about saying you culture is more distinct than mine, and we can be friends:steamhappy:

i will rape you
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Helix Oct 11, 2017 @ 11:27am 
My culture is 10 times more distinct than this scrub. Bring it, breh.