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Jul 11 @ 11:04am
I have some questions :
- Will stealth be worked on? It seems robots can spot you from the other side of a hill or from far when you are inside a house.
- Will single player be taken into account? The game seems coop-oriented.
- Will it be possible to deactivate motion blur and haze?
Jul 11 @ 10:52am
In topic How is the Stealth?
Originally posted by Valzaah:
stealth is kinda broken at few point.
it have a very simple pin-point sound directionally tracking system in my opinion.
once they heard and engage you coz of any noise's which cames from you, they will hunt you, keep running exactly to your current position no matter wherever you run or hide, stay in House's Church's and you wont get Rekt faster as be outside

here is my little prove,
i placed 3 gas canister in a WareHouse near other gas tanks and shooted with a sound muffled Sniper right into to fool them, that giant explosion makes a hell of noise's 10x louder then your footsteps, they came looked at it and then 2 seconds later they just engage me like wtf..
Not fun, this looks broken. Do developers know? Will they change the AI?
Solution is : go into the file directory, click on the executable to start the game and play. Next time VC won't try to install itself.
Jul 3 @ 1:48pm
In topic Recent Review
Originally posted by Sinsem:
Late answer:

The less people pay for the game, the more negative reviews are.
I don't know why exactly, but we've seen it time and time again after each sale.
True. Same flow of negative reviews on other games in early access after a sale. Quite sad.
But then that's why brands are so expensive. Psychoanalysts know it well, you pay so much you think it must work. The fact is that people feel as if it works.
Maybe a lesson to learn before next sale.
The game won't start, it is stuck on the message "Performing first time setup. Installing Microsoft VC Redist Package".
Any way to aboid the message ?
Jul 3 @ 4:06am
In topic No keybinding
Game refunded after 4 minutes.
You may check the mission as done and go on with the other missions.
Jun 3 @ 1:51pm
In topic Constructor Woes
Constructors have undergone a number of modifications, they added blocks and changed progression in every major version. A discussion about the new storage system and how the portable constructor can be exploited has already taken place.
I assume they won't decide precisely what kind of blocks you may build in each constructor tier until they haven't completed all the blocks available, and weight, and volume. Balancing so many things is quite a complex matter.
Expect more oddities like this one while the game is still in alpha.
Jun 1 @ 1:33pm
In topic progression NOT lost [title edited]
Originally posted by Draekus:
if you killed the last monster in the 1st playthrough, that means you've unlocked the 2nd playthrough which is where you are. you start all over again.

you need to go back to 1st playthrough to do the DLC's you were mentioning.

go back to Select Character and choose 1st playthrough.
That's ... what I said?
Originally posted by bluehawk188:
Originally posted by Hobo St.:
You seriously expect them to support a 10 year old game?
Moth devs support the games the remaster after they release it. Otherwise they should have left well enough alone and not made it.
It was given to me for free, I already had and played the old game, I can't see any new bugs you are talking about, so thanks Gearbox for the gift.
People here are not helping anyone spitting a generic "it's bugged" without naming any bugs.

Same bugs you had 10 years ago, which means nothing gamebreaking, but better graphics and every DLC published ? Quite a good deal.
Jun 1 @ 4:05am
In topic progression NOT lost [title edited]
So I killed the last monster then, instead of going back to Tannis, I decided to play the DLCs.
Today I loaded the game and the menu says "2nd playthrough". Finished missions have disappeared, Tannis is no longer waiting for me, and ...

I went to the main menu and choose "Select character" > New player, then went back to "Select character" and there I could choose between playthrough 1 and playthrough 2.

♥♥♥♥ing scary game ...
Jun 1 @ 4:00am
In topic It it more demanding than the original?
Seems less demanding to me, I used to have some glitches with textures and longer loading times.
This game is not about survival, never was, that's why you have scenarios that don't look like survival.
May 17 @ 1:51pm
In topic Why is armor so useless ?.
Originally posted by Dan2D3D:
Hi, not just for combat, Engineer! Can be used to add Mass on specific creations, like cars and a few good other reasons :selike:

+ It was worst before and there was a lot of reports/feedbacks so the Devs did it like that because of community Feedbacks.

"So.. can we PLEASE get a rebalance on the weapons dmg vs heavy armorblocks"

You must vote on the existing Vote Feedback about this or create it so the community can vote on it! (share the link on Steam to have votes)

All can add Vote Feedbacks here >
You are evading to answer the obvious problem shown by OP :
- How comes heavy armour doesn't resist miniguns ?
And the implied issue :
- How comes DECOY BLOCKS are more effective than heavy armour ?
During EA nothing is fixed, survival was too easy before heat, cold, radiation, and the rest were added. Combat was too easy until AI was added to NPCs and their guns balanced. No cheating here, just trying to find a good balance.
May 6 @ 10:00pm
In topic Game wont start
GT 740 is not a gaming card, certainly better than the Intel 4400, but not much. I doubt you will be able to play with it. If nVidia drivers allow it, try to force the game to run in dx9.
FYI I play on an old machine, i5, 8Gb RAM, RX470, the game stutters here and there.
May 6 @ 1:25pm
In topic Game wont start
I don't think you can play this game on an Intel HD 4400. If this is your graphics card, then you won't be able to play.
Originally posted by MindDrive:
ive power cycled bases before that had 0 solar output and had fuel in the tanks, it seems like sometimes solar needs a kickstart to get going....
I had the same impression, as if the battery needed a certain amount of panels before charging.
Solar panels had some glitches at the beginning, the last of their updates made them work, but I'm under the impression they are not finialised.
I've seen the same 0 output, however batteries were charging.
Adding one solar panel did not do much for me, so I ended up adding ten before the base became autonomous. It seems to me that less than five large solar panels do not produce enough energy to charge one battery, and one battery is not enough to compensate for rainy days.
If you base is far from the equator, it helps to orient the vertical position of the panels (right click).
May 4 @ 12:08pm
In topic So sick of crude rock walls!
Making blocks displacing terrain has been discussed, the answer was it is too CPU consuming, the algorithm calculating terrain displacement is quite complex and in multiplayer that will be a problem.

Your screenshot seems fine: you can tell this is an underground excavation at a glance, looks quite "undergroundy", caves and mines need a rough look. On the other side spikes are quite ugly and too difficult to make flat. The repeating texture of the ceiling is more off putting than the wall IMO.

Originally posted by VulcanTourist:
This is soooo easy to solve, I think,
No it isn't because you need to make them look like excavated dirt walls.

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