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Originally posted by mar3usmc:
The meteor storm conversation is all over the forums.
It is?

Search results for "METEOR" return one hit (this thread):
Aug 16 @ 1:17pm
In topic Cant repair damages into my base?
He's only 5 hours in tho, I doubt he has been to the place with the scannable Bulkheads yet.

Reinforcement panels are available right from the start.
Aug 16 @ 12:32pm
In topic Cant repair damages into my base?
Install Reinforcement panels - but you'll need Lithium for that.

These tutorial-type vids are pretty helpful - the narrator is kind of a dork but you get used to him:
Aug 16 @ 12:17pm
In topic Cant repair damages into my base?
Bases have a Hull Integrity value that must stay above 0 or the base will flood (I like to keep it around 20 for safety's sake).

Adding new rooms or windows *lowers* Hull Integrity - using Foundations, Reinforcement Panels or Bulkheads *raises* Hull Integrity.

Look for white text in the upper left corner of the screen when constructing base pieces to see the current Hull Integrity value.
Originally posted by mar3usmc:
It is the start of the game.
If you *choose* to play Experimental it is!

Most people choose *not* to!
Aug 16 @ 9:05am
In topic Building Lag / Freeze
Originally posted by fbx :
i do know that larger bases trigger that effect but i deconstructed so many scaffold parts that it should have improved :/
Sounds like you already understand this but just to make sure you're taking into account what's going on behind the scenes.

For every room you construct the game has to keep track of things like O2 levels and energy levels. It has to track every base pieces' impact on Hull integrity. If you have any plants or Containment tanks with fish in them, the game has to keep track of growth rates, reproduction, etc. If you put furniture in the rooms, it has to track what you've placed and where.

As PrimeSonic says, the game is simply not designed to accommodate giant theme park-sized bases. Devs were expecting players to build a few small bases to get from the start of the story to the end.

I've never really experienced framerate issues in Subnautica but if I built something like ^that, I'd expect the game to struggle.
Originally posted by margalus:
I haven't seen it, I'm in stable.
Yah OP, thanks for the unmarked SPOILERS with a spoiler in the thread title. :steamfacepalm:
Aug 15 @ 3:12pm
In topic Weird hit boxes and clipping
Use F8 to report bugs in-game.
There's nothing in the "void" yet to keep people out. The scariest stuff is on the map itself (right now).
Originally posted by darkdisciple1313:
Well, you know that there's authentic....and then there's AUTHENTIC. I just find it funny either way, people expecting true authenticity in any game like this. .
I guess everything's relative - just the other night I was walking through a village and saw a group of kids playing - 3 kids doing something in the dirt while 2 others stood nearby chatting, then people haggling at market stalls, a young couple embracing romantically on a bench, etc. and thought that no other game had yet achieved that level of *human* authenticity.

Talking timeline authenticity is different I guess but still, name another game in which NPC actors are so convincingly living their lives around the Player Character.
Wait, you're saying that a game in which you can jump from the highest cliff without dying, survive multiple stab wounds multiple times a day, see through the eyes of an eagle, and hack bears to death without breaking a sweat doesn't feel "authentic"?
Aug 15 @ 10:28am
In topic Building Lag / Freeze
Aug 15 @ 10:27am
In topic Update Buildings in Subnautica
Apparently we've entered an era when even complete games are expected to get new stuff added.
1). From full health? There may be one the Spiky Trap, if you don't struggle to get out, will kill you in one attack.

2). Yes, smaller predators are faster, bigger ones are more agile.

3). Dunno, never use it, too OP.
Originally posted by Anxarcule:
...although it is necessary to scan the leviathans unless you are Indiana Jones.
Call me Indy. No Stasis, no Sea Glide, just a Reinforced Dive Suit and a couple of Health Packs.
Aug 15 @ 8:54am
In topic I think i found Omega Base
That's "Jeffreys' Bunker".
Aug 15 @ 8:13am
In topic Leviathan Genetic Research sample?
The "story" is broken in about a dozen different ways right now - best to just explore and build until the next update.
Aug 14 @ 4:54pm
In topic A Trip to Sea World
Yes but the little head-wiggle on the gif (not my gif) slays me. :steamhappy:
Aug 14 @ 4:48pm
In topic A Trip to Sea World
Aug 14 @ 4:47pm
In topic Worth playing atm?
Originally posted by Slicey Boi-o:
It will Also destroy the vesper
I love it when the devs listen! :steamhappy:

Either that or I'm clairvoyant! :steamhappy:

Originally posted by Cougarific:
I have a theory - may be crazy but hear me out - I think the avalanche that buries the first research base in the intro sequence is just a placeholder to disguise what's really going to happen there.

I think the Vesper's going to explode there, scattering fragments around. I think all this early voiceover work with the station is just a red herring so we have a gigantic WOW! moment when the game is actually released.

Needs to happen right at the beginning of the game to recapture the "Holy crap I'm so alone now" moment you got climbing to the top of the Lifepod for the very first time in Subnautica.

Give us more initial interaction with the Vesper while at the very first research base to establish a connection to the people up there, then BOOM you lose your sister and colleagues and have to figure out what happened, and find a way to survive on your own until help arrives.

Which reminds me - what actually causes the avalanche that buries that research base? The storm? Pfft. Blow the Vesper, have a massive shockwave trigger the avalanche, and leave us to our own devices from that point forward.

Originally posted by Cougarific:

There's still a chance that the isolation will return, for example, should something bad happen to the Vesper at some point during the narrative.

If that happens, having an emotional attachment to the people on board the Vesper could actually *enhance* the feeling of isolation later in the game.

Originally posted by Cougarific:
Just wait until the Vesper comes plummeting down.

(I made that up)
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