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OldSkewl Half-Life Gamer Since 1998.

Clans ive been in: AAA. am. aWd. essential. NeF.Sk.SSa.TcK.V&M.xR

scorching hotrod, hotrod,

Sniper Unusuals:
stormy marauder, burning snaggletooth, snaggletooth,bubble snaggletooth, n&bs veil, lanthern ywnm, moon ywnm, burning ywnm,moon anger.

Heavy Unusuals:
scorching hound-dog,moon hound-dog, blizzard toque, burning toque,
stormy dragonborn, n&b dragonborn,sunbeams mongolian, blizzard ushanka
moon luchadore, stormy luchadore,

Medic Unusuals:
stormy stathelm,moon berliners,burning berliners,scorching grimm hatte,flies zegoggles,
stormy zegoggles, burning beak, smoking beak, ghost beak,scorching beak.flies grimm hatte, flies beak.

Demo-Man Unusuals:
beams crown,burning cowl,stormy mask of shaman,ghost crown,stormy reggaelator,
moon cowl, moon hustlers, scorching hustlers, steaming samureye, smoking samureye
burning stuntsman, scorching stuntsman, moon hustlers, secretmoon reggae. sunbeams reggae.

Pyro Unusuals:
scorching slug, stormy flamenco, moon flamenco, scorching pyromancer, stormy slug
smoking pyromancer, beams flamenco, burning nappers, stormy attendant, beams attendant
cloudy moon hoodie,burning flamenco, scorching bubble-pipe, hearts bubblepipe. moon mancer.

allclass Unusuals:
Scorching Tower Of Hats, Purple Energy Tower Of Hats, Festive Tree Sunbeams, bubbling brown-bomber, burning tower of hats.

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