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mdK Apr 24 @ 5:43am 
Hi, can you sign my profile please ? :)
Unlimited-魔- Apr 23 @ 9:49am 
sign my profile please :D :korea:
I can your knife for a good price or trade it and i will overpay. add me
☆Moses-dA-k1nG☆ Apr 8 @ 5:19pm 
Nikolaj I Like your game . Could you sign my profile please?) I'll be happy, GL in Optic ^^ :steamhappy: :lostisland:
Can You Sign My Profile Please :D
K4JU Apr 6 @ 2:56am 
i have some usable skins that I could send you in abt 1-2 week time when I get them, all I need is an add to talk, then you can delete me or whatever you want, I promise this is real..