Dark Redshift
Is it John Carver, it it Lion O, or is it Durandal???
I am a long time Halo and Marathon fan. I take third place in the biggest Halo/Marathon fan contest with Shudaki in second place and Hamish Sinclair in first place. I also play Tomb Raider,(It was my first game.)

Sonic, (Shadow's game is the best. guns, vehcles, profanity and whatnot.)

Half Life and Portal ( The untruth tastes sweet. the flammable let downs in life taste sour.)

Far Cry (havn't completed Far Cry 1 PC yet, gave up on Far Cry 2 and don't have Far Cry 3 yet :(

Bioshock ( Delisious Adam, juicy Eve)

Minecraft ( I am a Thunde<<Transmission Error>> and i'am digging a hole.)

Painkiller (You'll certainly need one)

Prince of Persia (Thundera actually, but thanks for guessing!)

Pro Pinball Timeshock! (my first experience with the master of arcades)

Assassin's Creed (Mine is, Punch all switches, never shoot where i can use grenades, forget Caps Lock, Stick to Legandary/Total Carnage-no luck there though>:(- abuse the word, "Snarf" and kill every Bob.)

Mirror's Edge (the Parkour king. but it would be unwise to appoint prince of persia as the grand visier ;)

Blinx the Time Sweeper ( I recomend it, you basically take control of time while killing monsters with used condoms. toilets, and refridgerators and garbage cans.)

Freespace (haven't played it in a while but it is the best flight sim in existence)

i once played Professor Layton and the Curious Village. but it proved to be a spunk flavoured lollypop.)

I met 3855101181 and 2121265 the 3118 ( it is letter to number code, decrypt it yourself.) once in 2561 (or was it 2570?) and 2560 respecively but not in that order,

I claim to have killed Flood Gravemind 13211313-181 but he is a crafty bugger. >:(

I am a junior Vidmaster and average Spazeroid. the former because i completed the vidmasters challange on Major Damage and the latter for A the same reason and B i haven't even STARTED Total Carnage yet.

If your name is 50%Vidsets (i speak in riddles) or Hamish Sinclair, Yahtzee, Lewis B, Simon L or anyone at Bungie or 343, You are Destiny. (see what I did there Marathon fans ;) hats off to ya!

PS. did you know, that Snarf sounds like BoB on helium and he is so called because he "Snarfs off" to 3855101181 in the shower? and his boss does too and resents his half brother for frog blasting her vent core? It's the Tru7h!

Update! as of April and May 2013, I am now officialy a Vidmaster! the Videos are on my copies of Marathon but I don't know how to upload them to youtube. I also am now a Vidmaster of Marathon Eternal as well.

... Snarf snarf!
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