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5 minutes ago
In topic Demo issue
Hi, thanks for the demo!

Two things:

On Linux, the game starts with the audio levels off. Had to go in and turn them up - bit weird.

Also, you need to set the Windows launch option to just Windows - currently it's set as the default, meaning on Linux and macOS we see two options when launching it - with the first being to try the Windows version. If you see here notice the top one is not set for Windows, it's just set as the default for all :)
Like I already said, they're on it. Nothing can be done our end, they messed up the download.
Sep 29 @ 12:48pm
In topic Linux support?
Well I'll be unsubscribing if it's just going with Proton. If Linux support proper comes along, feel free to reach out to
They replied, they're looking into it.
Also confirmed you messed up the Steam content for the Linux build. It downloads a bunch of data but a bunch, including the binary is missing.
Sep 29 @ 4:33am
In topic Repentance coming to Linux?
Also interested since the base game is on Linux.
Sep 27 @ 12:26pm
In topic You broke the Linux version
Originally posted by Grings:
khraal, I've the same issue with same logs, but to me when loading the first screen, I receive the message "Pine.x86_64 is not responding". Pressed wait and apparently everything goes fine, until the next loading page.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz

I purchased the game today and cant even start. Disappointing --'
That not responding dialogue is a GNOME problem, just keep clicking it away and wait until it laods.
Sep 27 @ 11:21am
In topic You broke the Linux version
Wait on it a bit longer, it does have a long load time. If you alt+tab away from it, a lot of Unity based games pause, so if you've been doing that you might have been stopping the load.
Sep 27 @ 6:15am
In topic You broke the Linux version
Come on people, if you want support post your player.log file and system information at the very least.

For reference, it continues working fine for me. New game and a saved game both loaded without issue.
Sep 26 @ 1:01pm
In topic The official Linux thread
If you need Linux gaming support you're better off on the GOL forum:
Originally posted by matthew:
is the update available for Linux
See my previous post.
Originally posted by billiclinton:
is the update available for mac? I can't seem to be able to update
Looks like Linux is missing the update too, it was only done for Windows.

Developer mentioned on Twitter it's coming:

Stay tuned :)
Sep 26 @ 3:07am
In topic Linux demo empty
Okay, so it now downloads correctly and launches fine. Been playing it for a bit and can't see any problems at all. Quite a lot of fun too once you get the gun upgrade, spraying it everywhere, enjoying it a lot.

It's made with Godot too?! That's awesome, I love finding more Godot games :D

Will you be fully supporting Linux with it? :)
Sep 24 @ 9:00am
In topic Linux support planned?
Originally posted by UtkaBulka:
Dr_Bicinium, in fact you can lock proton version for a certain game. Just open game's properties > check "Force proton version" > select needed proton version. That way a game that uses proton will always work.
Not what they're saying. If the game itself gets an update, it can break any time with Proton. You get zero guarantees and no support with it.
Originally posted by toivo:
The Steam file consistency check didn't find any problems. I can see the windows binary but not linux binary when I look at the file system
If you previously used Proton, run it with the Steam Linux Runtime container to reset your download to the Linux content.
Sep 23 @ 1:58am
In topic contributions
Originally posted by Reactive:
If you've not played in quite some time, you'll be prompted with the past unlocks for which you might have a chance to unlock some cool items. Once that's over, you'll see them far less times
I just loaded up today, got stuck here for a good 10 minutes. Please let people skip it.
Sep 22 @ 12:46pm
In topic Linux demo empty
Hi, just be aware the Linux demo is empty because it's not linked to anything
Hi, thanks for doing that.

Currently though, you need to sort the Steam packages correctly.

If you see here: it's actually missing from direct Steam store purchases, as it's only currently attached to other key sets. If you compare it to Windows you should see what's missing ;)
Sep 21 @ 5:15am
In topic Are there any news on the Linux version?
Also here to show much love and appreciation for it :) - took a while but so good!

Looks like it still needs adding to all the packages though. Windows is linked to 9 whereas Linux is only on 4 so a few people in specific key sets will see an empty download atm.
Sep 21 @ 4:03am
In topic [Linux] minor gamepad prompts issues
Hi, the new Linux version has some minor gamepad issues.

On one of the early tutorial prompts, it shows the text of the input button binding rather than the symbol like it does everywhere else. This is when it tells you about accessing your inventory.

So it says "You can check out the items... press <input details=y" or something like that. Tried grabbing a screenshot but it switched instantly to keyboard input when I did that heh so I wasn't able to.

Edit: the same happened when it said about the map -

Really minor and should hopefully be an easy fix, since gamepad prompts appear correctly everywhere else. The settings menu shows them correctly too. So it seems it's just a tutorial text issue.

Ps. Looks like it still needs adding to all the packages though. Windows is linked to 9 whereas Linux is only on 4 so a few people in specific key sets will see an empty download atm.
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