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I have played a lot of monster hunter games over the years and when they announced that world was coming to PC, I was super stoked. I played the game to vanilla game completion on PS4 but rebought it when it came to PC. I won't lie, the game has connection issues, but from my experience they haven't hit me too hard (every night my friends and I play for at least 4 hours and we run into issues maybe twice a night where we need to restart a hunt). I'm not saying that to belittle what other have said, I just can only speak from my own experience. I do appreciate that Capcom has responded to the issue and says they are fixing it, and the optimist in me wants to believe them. They have an amazing game here and this is the one major blemish for me.

--This is by far the most approachable Monster Hunter game I've ever played. The quality of life changes to user interface/user experience are truly top notch. From things like the item wheel that lets you quickly select items to use, the ease of gathering roughly 75% of gaatherables (not having to stop to collect bugs, plants, tracks, etc), changes from using a paintball to scoutflies to track a monster, a skill point versus skill number system, wishlist for selecting items, and SO MANY MORE. I went a bit insane there on my list, but the sheer amount of QoL changes is mind-boggling.
--The weapon combat is SO DAMN CLEAN. I keep jumping from weapon to weapon because the combat is so fun once you get the hang of a particular weapon. It have always loved certain weapons in each monster hunter but this is the first time I've been drawn to almost all 14 of them (I still love my Insect Glaive though).
--The game is pretty dang pretty. I mean, I'm coming from Monster Hunter on 3DS and Nintendo Switch, so I was expecting an upgrade, but still it's reallllllly pretty.
--I love the increase in amount of monster interactions and how it is played out. You almost always have 3 monsters wandering around a map at once and they innevitably encounter each other, resulting in a lot of interesting situations. I have seen "Turf Wars" that just leave me O_O and I've had monsters team up to screw me over (looking at you Rathalos and Rathian) that have me running away or quickly grabbing dung pods to get one to leave. Even when Bazelgeuse comes crashing in it's almost always hilarious (as long as I'm not getting hit).
--The maps are now one fluid environment instead of small areas like in previous games. I didn't realize how great this was until I went back to Generations on 3DS and had to chase a monster through 3 load screens :-/
--Xeno'Jiiva is just so pretty :)

--Connection problems are a big thing. Everyone has been talking about it and while it hasn't affected me too much I won't deny that it exists. I still recommend the game in spite of it, but I am willing to deal with issues because the game is still stupid fun for me.
EDIT: As of the patch on 8/22 (US Time) I have not experienced any disconnects. There are some mutterings online of still having issues and I don't disbelieve them but since then I have been in about 20 different multiplayer hunts with no disconnects so for me the problem appears resolved. I'll update this later if the problems start cropping up again.
--It is behind the console version in content released, which I can understand why but it still just makes me sad. I think this is only an ordeal for me because I played the console version and 90% of people won't feel this as an inconvenience like I do.
--Combat is still complicated, even with the simplifications they have made. The game does not hold your hand and expects you to learn how monsters fight and how your weapon works. The best I can recommend is to look up guides if you need or just be ready for the game to be a bit mean to you. This is typical for monster hutners though, just for reference.

So obviously I'm in love with this game, hopefully my review has been helpful. I think that the game is definitely worth the price tag even with the current connection issues. All of my friends are in love with it too, if you are in question on it I recommend going and finding people streaming it on Twitch to see if the game is for you.

8/23 - after patch connection problems have not occurred again.
Posted August 22, 2018. Last edited August 23, 2018.
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Okay, I can now change my review around. I would like to retract my previous harshly written review about a lack of controller support. I was able to remove and reinstall manually the drivers for the xbox one controller I was using and finally get this able to run. It was quite literally more than 10 debug steps into different ways to fix this problem.

As for the game, it tickles my nostalgia itch quite well. Is it worth the price? For me, yes it was, but I also adored the original game. It is exactly like I remember it. It would have been nice for this to have been slightly remaster like so many remakes are, like how the Halo remake allowed you to even hit a button to switch between old and new textures. That being said, the game functions like you would expect a decade old game to, and that's not bad. I will get a lot of further enjoyment out of this as I play I expect and will update this review as I experience more. I could not let my negative review stay longer though since I found a solution to the issue that involved windows drivers rather than a problem with the game.
Posted February 24, 2017. Last edited February 27, 2017.
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This game is a lot of fun, a great strategic rpg with aggressive football elements sprinkled about. Highly recommend it :D
Posted October 2, 2015.
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This game reminds me of playing grifball with a bunch of friends, I love it. Soundtrack is super solid and so far it has provided me with hours of entertainment. I really like that I can start it up, be in a game in a minute or two, and be done in 5 more minutes, great grab and go style of game.
Posted August 21, 2015.
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This is one of the best F2P MMOs out there. The ship combat is really fun, with lots of imaginative ship designs and pretty good progression and end game. While it is not the best MMO around, it is a lot of fun for not costing anything.
Posted May 13, 2014.
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