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Sep 23 @ 3:50am
In topic I want the Mad Cat :(
When they add Clan tech, the game will go downhill.

I wonder if players would be willing to play IS against Clan (with the Clan being enemy AI only MoBs) during the first years of the clan invasion (before you could just strap those pulse lasers onto a IS mech from salvage). there would be many takers (shows how OP the Can stuff was, and how it almost ruined the boardgame). The Clan stuff made a good Sat morning TV cartoon tho :D
Sep 23 @ 3:46am
In topic Question about enemy AI
@Priestie Yup one bad thing is the suicidal nature of the AI. The RT mod does have a good morale system (with pilots punching out), but I suppose that has to be balanced against possilbe abuse to max salvage (if players can find a way, they will).

It proabaly one ONE thing I'd like to see HBS bring into vanilla. However we've also seen great backlash by the community every time HBS add some sort of restriction (we still get threads moaning about HEAT, a core aspect of the BT rules). So if they did add morale (to both the AI AND your Mechwarriors), we'd see lots of threads about how HBS "broke" the game :(
Sep 22 @ 12:06pm
In topic Question about enemy AI
Well you know how if you pick up a enemy Lance with a Hunchie in it with an AC20 you always go for it first (before it puts the hurt on)?

Now if the AI starts doing the same, it's broken?

If the AI is being a pain in the neck, and making your life horrible...then it's working correctly.

It's a bit like PvP "balance", when both sides are equally's working perfectly :D
Sep 20 @ 11:58am
In topic Info about Oculus Rift support
I doubt that ETS2 will be comfortable in VR (for distance viewing) until we hit 4K headsets. There are already starting to come out, however the stumbling block is the graphics card and PC rig to run such a headset with ETS settings at higher or better.
Sep 10 @ 7:49am
In topic Tutorial?
Probably because back in the day most MW servers had the heat turned off (so ppl could play lazboating with Jump Jets in Omni-mechs....which isn't BT).

Heat is pretty easy, there's a heat bar and if you go over the line, then you overheat (you even get a warning). Just turn weapons off until you drop below the line (the bigger the weapon, the more heat it generates). Just hover over each weapon to get a tool tip for how much damage and heat a weapon generates.

The tutorial does a pretty good job at explaining things, not sure why you would have any difficulties (although these days gamers seem to have "difficulties with any game mechanic that places "restrictions" on them).
Aug 26 @ 12:29pm
In topic Game Suggestions
At the moment combat isn't that tactical (just keep swinging until your AP runs out). But a few ideas/suggestions.

1. Leaving AP unused for defence, say each AP left unused gives a flat 5% bonus to block. This gives you the chance to fight a little more defensively in a fight (perhaps to also allow some of the skills to come out of cool down).

2. Light armour should give a bonus to dodge (rather than HP), makes more sense as the lighter armour allows a Gladiator to move more easily and the heavy allows a Gladiator to withstand more hits (mechanism used in this case to simply add HP).

3. Armour stat "nerfs", some of the historical Armour was specially made to hamper a Gladiator. One good example would be the Secutor Helmet we have in game (as seen in the photo). With only two narrow holes to see through, the Gladiators vision was hampered. So should there be a "cap" applied to the Gladiators vision when wearing such a helmet (other Gladiators like the Retiarius didn't wear a helmet so would have unhampered vision, but no a bit of balancing possible here). Other "nerfs" could be added for different types of equipment (for example lugging the great big scuta shield about (think Roman tower shield if you don't know what one is) would lower AP vs higher damage mitigation vs a lighter shield with less mitigation but no AP deduction. Basically A Gladiators combat stats are a mix of stats and equipment rather than just calculated from the primary stats.

4, Showmanship. The Crowds loved a showman more than the better fighter. Perhaps some options/abilities that add to a fighters fame in combat (but do no damage). Do you risk the fight just to gain the appaulse of the fans? Think this could be a big improvement to the game, needs some showboating options/animations to show just how this wasn't just a fight, but entertainment to the masses (well it was very like the WWF of its day).
Aug 23 @ 1:14am
In topic Road Map!
@Effy I think the aim is to have this toggled on or off (like you I'll be setting it to off), so it will not effect the base game in any way.
Aug 22 @ 11:59pm
In topic Is in-fight healing annoying?
Problem tho is you still need "something" to balance the lighter armoured Gladiators vs the heavy ones. The Lighter Armoured chaps end up with free inventory slots (which is where the healing power comes from), but their heath points are stat based (although the armour does give s light buff (higher buff for the heavy armour sets).

I get what you are saying, it's an unrealistic balance mechanic, but I can't think of another way to do it, do you have an idea that springs to mind?
Aug 22 @ 11:53pm
In topic More weapons and gladiator classes
The "problem" with allowing free itemisation is that then the game starts to move away from being a Gladiator game and towards a Ancient skirmish type game (not exactly the right description).

But the idea that the Romans used these "types" of Gladiators was to limit their abilites so that the individual skill of the Gladiator was the deciding factor. You also have the remember these games were all about the "fame", the betting etc. It's was the X-Factor/America's got Talent of it's day :D

Some matchups became fan favorites (like the classic one of Retiarius (chap with the net and Trident and no armour) vs the Murmillo (walking tank with helmet that restricted visability)). Some of the equipment was designed specially the handicap the Gladiator (so you as the player if given free choice certainly wouldn't want to use it).

Also you need to be a bit heartless with the game, typically a Gladiator survived for about 10 matches before he was either killed or injured enough that he could no longer fight (I think the longest career was 150 matches). And in the same way, you also need to be heartless with the staff. You hire and fire to get the best one you can afford (you don't develop them as you would a gladiator). Hiring the staff do unlock abilities that are immediately apparent to a new player. But they also do a lot of things passively behind the scenes (like maintain the weapons), perhaps this could be highlighted a bit more (such as allowing your Weaponsmith to inspect a weapon to give a percentile "condition" in between matches?).

Perhaps some customisation on the models (eg colour) might be nice to have to make your Gladiator stand out might be do-able?

There's lots of things that could be done in the future, and the Dev also did a lot of work on Death League post launch in reacting to player feedback. And if the idea/change is "small". but does something that improves the game...then the more likely it might get done :)
It would NEED to be optional (pehaps a checkbox when you create you character), as I'm more of a History "nerd" I'd be unhappy to see unhistorical elements forced onto me (but if others want all female Gladitorial Combat it's not really an issue in a single player game after all)
Aug 22 @ 8:46pm
In topic More weapons and gladiator classes
Well the Gladiator types had a "set" equipment list, and although things like shields are missing they could easily be added to the 3D models in the arena and still count as being in the armour "set" (so no real need to rework the inventory system).

OR you could possibly break down these "sets" into things like helmets, greaves etc and although you would still be limited to things like the helmet type in the "set" this would allow you to upgrade the armour in smaller chunks (rather than having to buy a whole set in one go), it would also mean that wear and tear would be split up so when an item broke it might only be the greaves that need replacing.

More building slots are already available, but you need to "level up" your Ludus and move on to the next town (to get more plaot of land). After all the point of the game is to move your school from earning a crust on the Imperial Frontier to eventually complete in Rome for vast riches (not try and build a second Colosseum out in the middle of nowhere with no population to fill the seats).
Aug 22 @ 8:34pm
In topic Game Suggestions
Actually there were a few female Gladiators historically, and although rare they usually fought either other female Gladiators or animals. It was so rare that when a bout did occur it was a big event by just existing on the event calendar.

However I doubt there would have been a whole Ludus containing a whole school of female Gladiators, but as you say you can run a all female Gladiator school if you want (and leave the grumbling about "history" to us Grognards :D )
Oh they're needed, got a 3v3 match coming up and only 2 of your Gladiators fir for the match?

Also half the time (in the first city), if you keep checking back, some of the slaves are actually better than some of the Gladiators your expensive scouts find :D
Aug 22 @ 3:58pm
In topic Is in-fight healing annoying?
I take this must have been one of the first bouts in a campaign, if you try and fight some of the later AI Gladiators "nekkid" all the heals in the world will not help you out
Aug 22 @ 3:47pm
In topic Base upgrade feature
Go with your initial game design. If you start to lose this focus then the game will end up a mess as players continue to demand you remove all restrictions.

I swear if you go over to the steam forums for a chess program you would see post demanding that the "Queen is OP, nerf her now", "Pawns need a buff and should move like a Bishop", and "Why does the King only get one life, game is broken" :D

BTW should you go out to buy a house in real life, you know there's MONTHS of legal things to do before you can move in. It's not an unrealistic delay.
Aug 22 @ 3:41pm
In topic Is in-fight healing annoying?
There's also the Gladiator skill "ignore pain" that heals as well. For the lighter armoured Gladiators (with room in the inventory for these misc items) it's needed to give them a chance against the more heavily armour Gladiators (otherwise why use the light armour). So if you are facing these types of gladiators you can expect it to happen. It might cause them to win the match, but thats how the RNG rolls :D
Well starting the gladiators closer in 1v1 matches (it's less of a problem in 3v3) could work. However there's nothing stopping the player from moving backwards away from the AI to achieve the same result if he's got initiative.

Perhaps a "cap" of 40% of the AI's action points might work for movement. Then if the AI contacts he can still take a swing or two, or if he ends up short in distance (say a couple of hexes) its still forcing the player to spend AP to get into range. It's not a fix for the situation, but a step in the right direction.

Perhaps you could also add a random element to this movement cap for the AI so it's not always as predicable for the player to work out where the AI will end up.

Also the racial ability to "boast" to gain 6AP could be scripted to be used by the AI before maing a charge. If the boast works...then the AI charges in (and should have enough AP to swing away), if the boast fails, then the AI uses the movement AP cap and advances more carefully (thus making the AI act a little "smarter".

This wasn't so much a problems in AoGII (Sci-fi) as you could equip your Gladiators with ranged weapons (so you definately DIDN'T want to play using this tactic of hanging back). I think this issue was caused by using the same AI as with the sci-fi game. Although there were a couple of types of Roman Gladiators that did have access to ranged weapons, it's probably better to leave them out for now, and think on how to make the AI system work a bit better to melee only types of Gladiators :)
Aug 22 @ 5:18am
In topic Where is the Manual?
There's some let's plays on youtube that do a pretty good job at explaining things
Aug 21 @ 6:10pm
In topic Game is Great! New Question?
You'll need to construct a smithy before you can do those things (so it might take some time). So when you first start they only slow the weapons from degrading (so thats a particularly important stat for your first smith and armourer). You can then hire "craftsmen" later to make those uber weapons of mass distruction :D
If you're stuck, probably a good idea to watch these (warning a bit of swearing if you are easily offended). I got stuck and then watched these (helped me a lot)

Or this one by Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon
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