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Mine have weathered the ages ok, problem is CinC is still using lead to cast minis (instead of pewter), so the barrels ARE a bit bendy (although I glued the turrets down).

I would try and get the plastics, but there was only 4? tanks/APCs released for each faction.

But Renegade Legion needs to come back (and Crimson Skies now I think of it), without Wizkids and those funny dials on the bases getting involved :D
Still playing Renegade Legion Centurian here (and if HBS did a KS for that, I'd be not only backing it but sending coffee around the HBS so they don't have to sleep and get the game done quicker). Still got all the metals for the grav tanks, but I also remember the "damage flowchart" for interceptor that sorted out the men from the boys.

On a side note, there's a version of Battletech TTG where players have used the damage system from Centurian (and all those wierd damage templates where you could blast whole chuncks of armour off a facing).

Not tried it yet, but it's tempting :)
Thing with Paradox is they tend to do strategy games (so the graphics don't need to be "ray traced" and all that fancy other stuff. So they tend to release DLC to update the game over a LONG period of time (Crusader King 2 has been out for how many years now).

Other AAA publishers do it differently by releasing about 5 DLC and then bring out a completely new game (or retread of the old one) featuring 1 or two "new" features that could have been done via DLC (Battlefield series for example) and then charge you £50 for the "updated game".

So its two different ways for selling you content, but I'd rather buy DLC in dribs and drabs than spending out a large amount in one go (the new Assassins Creed with ALL the DLC was £100).

I like the fact that Paradox keeps releasing DLC for its games, rather than bring out a game, support it for 18 months with patches and DLC and then abandon it in favour of its newer little brother.

But you can moan about DLC till you are blue in the face, at the end of the day if you want new content you better start reaching for your wallet (and thats never changed since day 1 when we all bought our games on cassette)
Why would someone who has their Steam user name as "True American Trucker" (in caps mind you), want to drive a European built truck?
Oct 25 @ 2:53pm
In topic Consolidated Company Commander Mod
Whereas here in the Steam Forums it's definatly the Rogue Tech Mod that everyone raves about, over in the Paradox forums it's the Consolidated Company Commander Mod.

While it's nearer to the vanilla game than RT, it's main focus is giving you a full company to field rather than a lance. It also adds other thing like pilot morale and punching out. You can still play the story campaign, but it doesn't add any Clan tech to the game itself.

Anyone tried this?

But worried as using a full Company on the exisitng maps would lead to some very cramped depolyments, and with a bigger likelyhood of focused fire on the first Mech to go into enemy sensor range from every enemy Mech that isn't currently engaged it could be VERY bloody.
Oct 24 @ 11:49am
In topic Any other games like this?
I'd go with ETS2. But for it to shine (IMHO) you do really need the map DLCs as well. The initial map was Germany/UK and those areas look a bit dated/generic (but SCS is slowly doing a refurb on these areas with each patch. The "newer" truck simulators have some cool features, but ETS2 just has LOTS of roads/towns/cities to drive through (and I doubt the compeditors will ever catch them up on this aspect).

The DLC for France and Italy are particulary stunning, the Scandinavian one if you like bridges (it's got never ending bridges :D )

Although there's a load of DLC listed, most of them are for paintjobs (and can be ignored). It's the map DLC that adds a LOT of content to the base game.
You could try lowering the graphics settings to see if that helps. Perhaps the update was trying to do something fancy with the spotlights and is trying to push something onto the Intel 6000 chip that it can't handle?
Oct 24 @ 7:20am
In topic No First Person?
You can tell what a terrible effect the Clans had on BT when this and MW5 have gone pre-clan to bring the character back into the game. When you think about it, it was the cartoon and then the microsoft mech warrior games that "pushed" the clans into the limelight.

The problem was that the balance of "bidding" with clan assets for the mission never really had a mechanism in the TTG (or in the Mech Warrior games either). So matches against IS forces were equal tonnage (which meant the IS lost due to the OP clan tech), which then lead the IS MEchs using clan tech (which removed the point of having IS Mechs).

I would perhaps like to see the Clan introduced as an AI opponent so that the devs can control how they are implemented into missions (and they can't be salvaged, as IS techs have no idea about this fancy Clan stuff, they have a hard time understanding the IS tech) for the early years of the clan invaison in a campaign setting.

But adding Clan stuff as player owned, with clan tech, omni bays, etc would just have the terrible effect in this game as it did with the TTG (or throw out all the IS mechs, tanks, etc, we're just going to play with clan stuff........again).

The Rogue Tech Mod pretty much adds all the clan stuff into the game (it's only the visual look of the mech itself that isn't clan), I'm sure we'll see more and more Clan mech models appear as mods as well. I had a go at RT and it just wasn't for me, it just ends up as trying to build the optimal build for each tonnage range, the mech itself doesn't matter...just the tonnage. It all felt pretty souless.
Oct 24 @ 5:38am
In topic No First Person?
Try Mechwarrior Online, I think thats the one you are after
Oct 23 @ 3:22pm
In topic Help a luddite into "The World of Mods"
Cheers for the help chaps.

No joy with the quick jobs skins (but then that one hasn't been updated for ETS2 in ages (still works tho)
Oct 23 @ 1:52pm
In topic Quality of Life Suggestions
Would like to give individual Mechs a seperate paintjob (rather than having the whole lance be the same, although I haven't messed around with that in a long while). Mainly so I can have Mechs built (and camo'd) for the different biomes.
Oct 23 @ 1:48pm
In topic No sand box...really..
In this game you are a very small cog in a very big machine, for your mere merc company being able to overthrow the massive houses would be a bit much. You're basically along for the ride (and to try and make a little profit while you are on it). To give you an idea of how small a cog....

A fan based reasearch (those chaps had WAYYYY to much time on their hands), put the approx Mechs within each house at (3025).....

Davion: 20 000
Kurita: 15 000
Steiner: 14 000
Marik: 11 000
Liao: 9 000
ComStar: 20 000 (vast majority mothballed)

I kind of like it like this, stops it feeling like "yet another PC game where you save the world"
Oct 23 @ 1:37pm
In topic Police Pull Over
Only if SCS implement it with Sherrif Buford T. Justice pulling you over (complete with voice lines by Jackie Gleason) :D
Oct 23 @ 7:49am
In topic Stock Mech Challenge
I was thinking more along the lines of the career mode (and scoring), yup you could just use stock mechs only. But I was trying to come up with ways to make playthroughs different. So such a difficulty level added would have a score and you can measure up how well you do against others.

It's also a way to make the variants more important to the game (rather than just as a pokemon "collect em all" inventory grind). But now I think of it, it would be good to have a discount for running with stock mechs to encourage players to stick to stock (as this was more of our experience playing the TT game as we didn't go into customising mechs that often..especially playing through the campaigns). Tournies were a different kettle of fish (as everyone was tweaking the mech builds), but most of us just got the mech model, pulled the data sheet and just played.

It's not a "needed" feature, but it would be a "nice to have" feature :)
Oct 23 @ 7:02am
In topic Help a luddite into "The World of Mods"
Originally posted by AyMazingATS:
For #6 I use this. Still being actively worked on and there are some changes in Oregon already.

Interesting to see that it changes some of the bus/coach logos. Does it cover all of them or do you have a few SCS brands still lurking around (still not found a mod that covers all of them, but as this one kind of covers loads of things, I hadn't spotted this one) :)
Oct 23 @ 6:58am
In topic Stock Mech Challenge
Would be perhaps nice to see another difficulty option that only allows you to use stock mechs (ofc you can replace weapons with the + versions).

It would make collecting the different variants of each Mech more important, AND be a little more cannon. In the TT game a "hero" mech usually just had the one major weapon system changed out for something that wasn't stock and was seen as being almost unique.

Add in another change to add a discount on both upkeep and repairs for stock mechs to again try and steer the game back to the lore and hopefully balance the issues with min maxxing causing the game to be "too easy".

I know it's not for everyone (as lots of players enjoy the customising the mechs part), and I'm not asking that customisation be removed. Rather another option in the difficulty menu, that features the "discount" for stock mechs (because now you can't customise without paying a premium, you would need to keep more mechs in the Mech bays to deal with things like the different biomes by using the different variants). Would probably need a look at the economics (as you end up swimming in credits late game), or some sort of hard code to only allow stock mechs if this difficulty is selected (if the economics part is just too difficult to balance...which it probably would be)

Probably a bad idea, but just throwing some ideas around to make paythroughs different for each run :)
Oct 23 @ 6:20am
In topic Help a luddite into "The World of Mods"
Originally posted by hyltontrucking:
For #2 you can use Sisls trailers. They add a lot of real company trailers into the game

Isn't that one for player owned trailers only?
Oct 23 @ 5:20am
In topic Help a luddite into "The World of Mods"
Looking for a mod list that I'm planning on being fairly short (so I can keep track of things), I've tried going through the hundreds of mods in the workshop but had problems, but I'm hoping that things might spring to your minds when you see the list from your favorite list of Mods.

1. Real Companies (to replace the SCS created ones), I've tried a few, but I'm trying to link it with bullet point 2. below (so I'd presume it would be created by the same author)

2. Real Companies AI traffic (not Vans), would be nice to see these appear on the road (not just with player owned truck and trailers. Any ideas (ideally the same companies as 1. above)?

3. "Quick job" truck livery, found one years ago for ETS2 but not been able to find one for ATS yet. This was a mod that changed the truck paintjob from the normal plain solid colour to a random "realistic" truck livery (there were eight or so created and you got a random one for the job...I think).

4. Real Bus/Coach Companies. Not been able to find one that replaces ALL of the SCS companies

6. Real Company Adverts for billboards. Any working with Oregon yet?

This is the first game I've tried to use "mods" on (so it's all fairly new to me), so thanks if anyone takes the time to help this luddite out. Also the points above should give you an idea where I'm going, so if you've also got a favorite mod that help to improve the realism of the game please let me know :)
Oct 22 @ 10:20pm
In topic No Clans? No Thanks.
Originally posted by kennethsw:
Clans? No Thanks!! They completly destroy the balance of the game. Clans were the downfall of Battletech

Yup, agree entirely
Oct 22 @ 3:13pm
In topic Dev Diary #5 is up
Hmm bit worried about the Alliances, anyone know if these HAVE to be formed once you hit a certain amount of reputation (or can you continue in your freewheelin, backstabbin Mercenary ways)?
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