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I am so glad to be a part of the Steam/Planet Coaster Community! I am new to Steam and to Planet Coaster. PC is the only game I play here on Steam. I am truly amazed at how much talent there is with having seen so many designs from so many of you. Looking forward to sharing creations with you all.
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Smile Time Mar 16 @ 9:33pm 
Hi Tillietwos! That's I haven't done anything different with my settings. It could be just a glitch with steam. The last couple of days I had trouble launching steam too, so it could be something on their side. Thank you so much for thinking of me....going to try and send you a message too...... :steamhappy:
Tillietwos Mar 16 @ 3:47pm 
Hi Smile Time, I tried to send you a message but it won't let me. Did you do something to block all messages? I just wanted to say you looked so lonely tonight when I went into Steam...of all my friends you were the only one playing all by yourself :( I just wanted to reach out and say hi. Your workshop is looking really nice...keep it up :)
Smile Time Feb 6 @ 1:59pm 
PS: Casey....just to let you know in case you don't know this yet....when you save your blueprints, the peeps path will not save with your blueprint. Anyone who subscribes to your stuff will have to create their paths to the ride, or buildings for the peeps. ;-)
Smile Time Feb 6 @ 1:55pm 
Hi Casey! Those aren't the paths for the peeps. Those are paths created by me by lowering the deck or other building structures flesh to the ground to make it look like a path. I do that, and then with the peep's path, I use the natural path so it will look like they are walking on my premade path. I hope that helps. :-D
Lex Casey Feb 6 @ 10:27am 

Can you tell me how you saved the paths in your blueprints?

LG Casey