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Aug 20 @ 12:58pm
In topic [MOD] Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Dropping the mod here before doing the same at the website.


Built for Heroes of Might & Magic 5.5, v5.61, based on the GOG edition of M&M 5.

Just a bunch of files used to provide heroes with all of the skills and perks their class can access. Specializations are untouched. You can use the Competive Index to remove randomization from hero abilities, or just use the other indexes for cheating purposes.

Note that the ingame displays won't be very friendly with the excessive number of abilities. The powers operate as normal, but you won't be able to directly inspect their mechanical impact.

To install, drop the proper MH55 Index file into:
C:\XXX\Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East\data

These files come in four different sets, listed below. Campaign and Scenario are not yet done, and are listed as a placeholder for the moment.

0: Raw - Just the text files for editing, with appropriate structure. Use this to tweak.

1: Reference - Various files with information related to skills, specializations, and templates for classes.

2: Competitive Mode - Replaces your MMH55 Index. ALL heroes have all possible skills and perks for their class. They retain their specialization. For multi-player, all parties should have this.

3: Campaign Cheat - Campaign-specific. Replaces your MMH55 Index. Only the heroes available to the player in the campaigns have maxed abilities.

4: Scenario Cheat - Scenario-specific. Replaces your MMH55 Index. Only the heroes available to the player in the scenario have maxed abilities.

I may have corrected a mistake of the developers. The Sylvan hero Tieru had "ENLIGHTMENT" as a primary skill. There is no such skill listed in the skill .XDB, so I changed it to Light_Magic.
Aug 18 @ 7:41pm
In topic [MOD] Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Via ye olde trial and error, it seems like that I got things figured out. What comes next is making templates for each class, then applying them to each individual hero. Should be done in three or four days.
Aug 18 @ 6:25am
In topic [MOD] Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
I have been trying to make a 5.5 mod where each and every hero has all of the skills and perks that their class can potentially access.

My biggest problem is matching some of the perks to the in-game skill wheel, since the code doesn't share the same name. It would be cool if someone can point out a "rosetta" file that lets me match things appropriately. Here is some of what I am looking at:


There are nine perk entries, but there should only be seven Occultism perks. Two of them should go.

Also, would it be trivial to increase the number of visible perk slots? The game permits excessive skills to operate as normal, but they can't be inspected.
Aug 17 @ 2:12pm
In topic hear me out now
I think there were mantises in 4.1's DLC missions?
Aug 15 @ 2:34am
In topic ELI5: Why can you adjust armor?
Too much armor breaks the game, fun-wise. You can still reasonably lose on Inferno if you got endgame weaponry, but 50,000+ armor? Nearly invincible, and the deaths that happen are drawn out excessively.
Aug 13 @ 7:49am
In topic General Critiscism & Suggestions
I use a "Merc Stealth" keyboard, which has an area dedicated to WASDQE, 1-10, and some other keys. Being able to rebind is handy for adjusting games to suit my keyboard.
Aug 13 @ 1:57am
In topic hear me out now
Here is a couple. References to "Cores" is about a proposed replacement for the crate system in which drops provide powerups to enemies and players, and automatically move towards creatures on the map.

These vine-like plants have flower buds that can serve a number of functions. Depending on the color, they can fire lasers, flame, and launch heavy plasma balls. Creepers default to acid when there is a lack of sunlight. Absorbing enough cores can give them enough potency to maintain their energy attacks in such conditions. The flower petals are where the cores are kept, intensifying their hue and making them glow.

Another type of vine, the buds cultivate a variety of alien creatures. When the process is complete, the Jeeper takes aim and launches a hollow bulb with the creature inside. In this way, they can deliver creatures at range. The bulb is see-through, allowing players to see the contents. The see-through coloration of bulb indicates how close it is to completion, with crystal-clear being close to done.

A giant earthworm, it grows in size and power as it collects cores. There is a mouth at each end of the worm, which is also the primary weakpoint. The entire exterior is vulnerable to damage, but at half the potency. For best effect, shooting into the mouth is key. The coloration of the worm dictates what kind of attack the mouth expels: Plasma, Laser, Acid, Fire, Ice, or even monster bulbs. It often submerges inside the earth when not attacking.

Artificial robo-mammals, these beasts typically hunt in packs. They have a cloaking field, which has a telltale blur effect. These beasts prefer to approach silently and then howl to announce their initial attack. Their eyes and fur glow according to the type of attack they perform. Red is laser, green is plasma, blue is electrical. They all are melee attackers, with their type of attack having differing patterns and ranges. The invisibility blur of these creatures is tinged with the dominant color of the beast.

These little green men are equipped with a jetpack. When they take to the sky, they leave a rainbow trail of colors, almost like a rainbow. Further, these guys have an affection for dropping powerful grenades, which blow up with a great kaboom and scattering explosive "coins". They love taunting Earthlings.
Aug 12 @ 11:07pm
In topic General Critiscism & Suggestions
Just a grab-bag of thoughts.


1: The map is hard to read.
Specifically, I can't tell who each dot represents, nor how they relate to me vertically. My suggestion is to give each character a small face portrait icon. This icon has three shapes: The first two are teardrops, one with the tail facing up, the other one with the tail down. This indicates that the character is above or below the player. The third shape is just a circle, approximating equal height with the player.

In cases where multiple characters are involved with an event, each of their faces could be lined up inside of a box. This box also has a tail for indicating vertical positioning.

2: Position of the pawn shop is not indicated on the map. I didn't know how to sell my goods, and couldn't figure out that the pawn shop was above the store in front of me. Moving the shop or properly marking the map would be helpful here.

3: Shobu isn't maintained when entering another map. Being able to continue riding Shobu seamlessly would be nice for long-distance trips. It would also be nice if interacting with things didn't deactivate running.

4: Controls that act as shortcuts for items or actions would be helpful. EG: I would use "Tab" for taking out the phone, "G" for inventory, "1-0" for various items, "B" for the map, "T" for Shobu, ect.

5: The save system is a bit unwieldy for me. First, there are no time stamps, both for real world and ingame. Second, no picture to help me remember what that save is about. Third, trying to save in four slots in a short period often results one of the slots becoming unclickable. Starting from the fourth slot down, up to the top.

6: Being able to swap shops without leaving the store interface would be handy for quicker shopping.

7: Taking away entire stacks of items when helping folk out feels a bit punishing.


Various ideas concerning the monstergirls present in the game.

1: It would be fun to bully Suzu with the Slime Gun.

2: Being able to dance with Ophelia would be nice, I want her to enjoy her day with a pal.

3: Cooking with Faranne and friends could be interesting. The ingredients change the results. EG: Mushroom knocking out Faranne, love beetle making a straight-laced gal amorous, pranking Suzu, ect.

4: By accident, maybe Suzu could sting the player and paralyze them?

5: When Faranne is knocked out by the mushrooms, it would be cool if we could help her out. Leaving a sleeping gal in a random place is just asking for her to get nommed by a wolf or something.

I think Diver gets the best DLC weapon: A melee gun that kills Inferno DLC 2 Erginus (offline) in two full charges. I think KevinEDF said that was 120,000 damage?

Don't think the Ranger has anything of that intensity.
Aug 8 @ 8:35am
In topic DLC Mission Pack 2 is available now
The DLC missions have the best gear. For example, you got a Minion Shotgun for the Ranger, the Diver has a ZAT that can kill Erginus with two full charges, and so on.
Aug 8 @ 7:49am
In topic DLC Mission Pack 2 is available now
Higher level, up to 112. Beating them on Hard tends to yield weapons of 50 levels average.
It annoys me when people hamstring the Raiders, by charging in blindly and not allowing for prep. Look, pure speed isn't efficiency by itself. Getting health topped off, recharging the weapons, calling for vehicles, placing the posts, dropping an alpha strike from a proper vantage point, all save time and shed enemy blood in the long run.

Also, HOP INTO THE MULTI-CREW VEHICLES. They can turn missions around when put in the right spot with enough people to man it properly. I like dropping them with their back to a building or in a corner of the map, with the intent of funneling the enemy into a killzone while minimizing flankers. But it all goes south when nobody bothers when the Proteus is ready.

At least they don't open fire before Raiders can set up. So many players insist on going in, guns blazing...

Aug 4 @ 2:57am
In topic Sidegame suggestion: "Monstergirl Snap"
I think it would be cool if we got a salacious Pokegirl Snap sidegame. You follow a set course in a area, and take photos of whatever catches your interest. Events can be influenced by using the appropriate items at the right time, such as infighting or getting a glimpse of something nice. The more interesting, the greater grade that would be assigned to your pics.
Aug 4 @ 2:18am
In topic The Classes/Characters...
Originally posted by Dante:
I miss the cancel boost though, could go around the map faster then the wing diver

Still the case. You just need something like the 2-2 Dash Booster support gear. By Dash-Boosting, you accelerate a great deal and can cover a lot of ground. As the dash-boosters increase in power, their cooldown and horizontal speed increase.

+140% acceleration and 60% cooldown with the 4-4 model in DLC 1.
Didn't cause a skip on Hardest, borked Erginus's AI. He focused almost solely on the infantry, instead of players. If he caused damage to us, it was an incidental thing.
Aug 4 @ 2:10am
In topic I hate aimbot sniper cosmoNUTs
Clearly, you must change the color of your monitor to sepia. /s?

Seriously, I sometimes prefer using sepia tones to make it easier on my eyes when using my computer.
I have managed to make Fencer workable for me, using a Mortar Shield approach and learning how to use dash-boost. But my attempts at using reflection hasn't yielded much. Is reflection valuable enough on Inferno to be worth mastering?
Is there a weapon with huge knockback but minimal damage? It might be an option for managing NPCs.

Also, thanks for the tip. Will use it to skip Erginus on Hardest and Inferno. That mission is just...dull.
Aug 3 @ 1:30am
In topic Will there be a monkey girl?
If there is a monkey gal, I think "Hanuma" would be a good name. In (dis?)honor of Hanuman, a monkey deity.
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