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kapitan staszek Jul 3 @ 7:24am 
you can download cod 1 and uo from here:
Cale Jun 3 @ 10:36am 
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Illuminaughty Goat May 29 @ 9:59am 
I wasn't good at it, either. :)

And because it is dead, I'm looking for people who want to play it. There is a patch which allows you to play on fan-hosted servers instead of official servers, which are dead, as you mentioned.
Illuminaughty Goat May 29 @ 9:55am 
Looking for people who want to play Magicka: Wizard Wars. Interested?
Gh0stProwler May 5 @ 11:44am 
Bee Apr 9 @ 6:01am 
Check my profile previous pages and you'll see :)