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It is rare for a game to come completely out of left field and suprise me. Inside is one such game. I personally wasn't blown away by Limbo (playdead's prior game) and didn't have any expectations for Inside. However, I took a chance on a sale and it was probably one of the best decisions in my gaming career.

First off, the less you know about Inside's plot and setting, the better. This is something you really need to sit down and just loose yourself in. I will say that Inside is an example of my favorite kind of story telling, which is show don't tell. It's the kind of game where you have to peice things together and pay attention to the environment around you, which is great because it can lead to many different interpretations of what's going on which can lead to an interesting night in the forums.

One of my main gripes with Limbo was that it was a bit too slow; as in character movement. Inside is much faster in this regard which really heightens the tension as it allows for faster chase sequences and more organic movement.

Inside is primarily a puzzle game, and I will say that it walks the fine line or not too hard and not too easy. It isn't insanely difficult, but a few will stop you for a moment. Which is good as nothing will keep you held up for too long allowing you to continue to soak in Inside's beautifully dark atmosphere.

It took me 3.2 hours to finish this game, and I played thorugh it in 3 separate sessions. I would personally recommend you block out 3-4 hours and just experience the game in one go as it doesn't break up the flow.

If you haven't yet, grab Inside while it's on sale. I can safely say it is one of the best media experiences I have had recently.
Posted November 25, 2018.
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