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Submerged on PC / Steam
Score 8.5 /10

Calm and nurturing
Exploration looking for healing resources, navigating the waterways between the ruins of a post-apocalyptic maritime city, enjoy gentle music, beautiful sunsets from atop the buildings, or enjoy the dancing lights and playful marine life at sunrise.

When less is more
The main mission is to find medical supplies by scaling atop remnant edifices. The challenge is quite light since you cannot fall; it’s better described as vertical pathfinding. Other clickables along the way included ‘secret’ tomes, boat upgrades which make you boat faster, and discovering the monuments. This game will not be for everyone; there is no combat, no rpg elements, no skill trees. Some may even remark that there is not enough to do. Unless you love boats.

I love boats
The wave and boat mechanics are spot on: the sound of the wave slap, the hull movement over the crest of a wave, and textures and colors of the wake. The midnight boat ride is especially delightful; the moonlight dancing with the ocean ripples, the stars, the marine fauna and the building silhouettes.

Exemplary execution of the genre, don’t miss out for fans of pretty water.
January 2019
Posted January 27, 2019. Last edited January 27, 2019.
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Pinstripe on PC / Steam
Score 9/10

A classic point and click built perfectly to modern standards
Dark is the story: “An ex-minister ventures through the frozen depths of Hell in search of his kidnapped daughter”.

Enjoyable are the puzzles, light is the platforming, storybook is the art, and engaging is the audio tract. First playthrough 2-3 hours. What more could you want?

Two playthroughs are required to unlock all the hidden rooms and acquire all the gear. The achievements seem well thought out and will take 2-4 playthroughs including an achievement for a speed run with a limit of 60 minutes !

Pinstripe 9/10
Exemplary execution of the genre don’t miss out, for fans of the genre and the curious alike

January 2019
Posted January 21, 2019.
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Numgeon on PC / Steam
Score 9/10

8 Bit Dungeon crawling without the hassle of an inventory
Advance from dungeon to dungeon by winning each battle, how might you ask?
In numerical order click on the randomly organized 4x4 grid,
each click is one hp damage and multipliers are in effect.

RPG FPS in a 2D 4x4 tile space and no aiming required
Features include multiple Heroes, leveling every game you play,
upgrades in armor, weapons, and hit points, slot machines.... and ?

This is NOT a Clicker game, but you have to Click
Recognise and commit visual patterns to very short term memory and execute in ninja-like thoughtlessness; Mushin. There is no ‘Auto-clicking’ in this game.

Easy to pick up, hard to put down, and friendly to the player
when you come back at a later date.
Brilliant is this 8 Bit Dungeon simulacrum reminiscent of the ‘The Binding of Isaac’ but in a very light version and much friendlier package ! [/respect].

9/10 exemplary execution of the genre don’t miss out, for fans of the genre and the curious alike

December 2018
Posted December 28, 2018. Last edited December 28, 2018.
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Adios Amigos on PC / Steam
Score 11/10

Kepler would be proud
Loot resources from planet to planet to power your ship; then light jump to the next galaxy a little closer to home. Can you make it all the way home?

Run around tiny planets picking up energy, upgrades, and discovering indigenous aliens in this brilliant 2D space platformer with full on astral physics. Did you jump too high with your jetpack, escape gravity only to be lost in space? Navigation from planet to planet is surprisingly fun; adjusting ship trajectories to intercept orbits around the local star is intuitive yet hazardous; beware of asteroid belts, wormholes and other space paraphernalia.

”Captain, the FTL drives have spun up and the board is clear.”
Jumping into every new galaxy is like a stocking stuffer, a tiny surprise, a little Christmas gift. “Hmmm, those prickly Aliens may not as helpful as the last ones.... and that space station may have goodies inside”.

Adios Amigos
11/10 exemplary execution of a 2D space platformer, outstanding gameplay.

Sept 2018

PS. Johannes Kepler
Posted September 26, 2018. Last edited September 26, 2018.
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PC / Steam
Score 11/10

The Pinnacle
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the Pinnacle of the Tomb Raider series; a magical blend of the new and old. What are you waiting for?

Classic Croftian design: Spelunking to discover secrets of an ancient realm, fantastical over the top apocalyptic elements in the balance and then out of balance with Lara vs impossible odds. Perfect.

Bent knees sneaking about, leaping from one cliff edge to the next, multiple game paths, giant puzzles, crafting, and armed conflict. I have been here before and I love it.

Tight controls in leaping, tight controls in gunplay, tight controls in swimming. Fully remappable keyboard controls and mouse axis controls with sensitivity. Chapeau.

Photographer mode.... AAA sweet.

Should you buy now or later? Now.
A game released in 2018 plays 60+FPS at ‘Medium’ settings and 45+FPS at 'Highest' settings on a mid-range video card in 2018 (Strix RX470 4Gig). Both AMD and Nvidia have released updates just in time for this release.

Nota bene
Stuttering or hiccups at those settings?
Visit the forums for tips on making the game run smooth (pinned by the devs); @33Gigs it should be on your D drive SSD; after launching the game go to the Task Manager and set game executable process to 'high priority' and set unimportant processes to 'low priority'; makes all the difference. Back off on hair, ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, etc.... one step at a time.

Alright I am done, 16 hours in and I gotta go back. Ciao bella.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
11/10 exemplary execution of the genre with a magical blend of the new and the old

updated Sept 16, 2018

PS: The hand holding is ‘light’ and I suspect that this will make the replay even sweeter.

PSS: This was the review that I edited for the 2018 game nominations. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a great game. Still 11/10 in my books.
Posted September 14, 2018. Last edited November 21, 2018.
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The Norwood Suite on PC / Steam

When Sound and Color meet I am helpless....

Innocently the game begins; a 3D First Person Point and Click bathed in colors as intense as the Neon Lights inside my Favorite Club. Entering The Norwood Hotel our mission is to deliver the Demo CD to the hotel club dj Bogart. Simple mission and perfectly balanced.

Animated speakers are strewn about the Hotel and you can’t escape the intense and emotional audio realm; I went onto Bandcamp and downloaded the OST. I finished the adventure while listening to the OST through the Steam music player all the whilst playing the game; it was freaky. I was pummeled with euclidean jazz polyrhythms that can only be described as heavenly. Explain that to the museum curator down the street ! Live this experience now.

Intended for the casual gamer this very light hearted Artist and Musician centric adventure is classic Point and Click elevated to modern standards of puzzle, art and sound on sound; never hard, always aesthetic, intriguing and joyful.

The Norwood Suite
9/10 Light hearted Point and Click Adventure with OST goodness beyond description

July 27, 2018

PS: OST sampler and Screenshots I posted to YT
I suggest purchasing the following 2 OSTs by the same group

The Norwood Suite OST (gem)
The Norwood Suite OST [cosmoddd.bandcamp.com]

Off-Peak OST (gem)
Off-Peak OST [archiepelago.bandcamp.com]

Off-Peak Game (free to play hors d’oeuvre game to the Norwood Suite)

Posted July 27, 2018. Last edited August 16, 2018.
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Observer on PC / Steam
Score 8/10

Cyberpunk First Person Horror Crime Mystery
Play as an augmented cyber detective who gets a distressing call from a long lost son. The building you investigate goes under lockdown and there are at least two dead. Striking visual art and claustrophobic architecture deliver a truly oppressive and dystopic experience.

Story in a story, a hat on a hat
A murder in a bad part of town, the family tragedy somehow connected; intriguing story but feeling disjointed. A little more muscle in the writing department would have helped. A good portion of the game plays out knocking on tenants doors asking questions, a little slow and then balanced out with frequent psychedelic action sequences and well designed puzzles. Thumbs up. The ending of the game is really too long.

Lead voice Rutger Hauer
Happily Rutger Hauer’s voice is gentle, soothing and welcome, a counterweight to the moody and intriguing audioscape continuously edging itself into your consciousness.

I am happy with my single playthrough
As much as I enjoyed Observer I do not feel the need to replay it; neither to open the few rooms I missed, nor to get the collectable cards, nor to have alternative endings, nor to play all the minigames hiding in some computer terminals. I will not be achievo hunting this game either.

8/10 for well done, fans of cyberpunk and the horror genre will enjoy this game. I really believe the game devs Bloober are coming out into full bloom. I am looking forward to their next game

July 2018
Posted July 13, 2018. Last edited July 13, 2018.
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Gettin Over It with Bennett Foddy on PC / Steam
Score 10/10

Forget all the other 2D platforming games you know, this is harder
Climb an impossible mountain using only arm strength and a hammer. Before starting this game go see your doctor and get a vaccine against “rage quit”, drop your favorite tranquilizer and then hit ‘play’.

Strong Arms and Bad Ass Hammer, your best friends and your worst enemies
A properly timed swing propels you 50 feet into the air, go anywhere no matter how wild it looks. Oops! did you accidentally scrape an overhang and get thrown back 60 feet, and then fall 600? You are at the bottom again ; )

Why this game hurts even ‘good’ gamers; new mouse rules
The core mechanic of this game requires rewiring your brain to new mouse movements. While many games allow you to reuse previously mapped inputs like WASD and invert-y mouse, this game has an uncommonly used mechanic for mouse input, no kbd required. The hammer head is all the energy you control with your finger tips. Gravity, mass, velocity, acceleration, conservation of momentum, coefficients of friction between the hammer, the cauldron, rock, metal, grass, wood, etc... All are present and unforgiving. Notice that the handle of the hammer bends under load and provides spring; beautiful.

Enjoy every intense second; your deserve nothing but the best
Eight hours of gameplay have allowed me to progress only 1/3 of the way up of the mountain. There being only one way forward I was coerced into moving my mouse with new finger gestures. Let me repeat this: I have never moved my mouse like this in any other game. I find it quite humorous and inspiring that 50% of play-testers completed this game in under 5 hours. I am clearly lacking in talent.

Nosce te ipsum; this game is not for everyone

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
10/10 for re-awakening the Perseverance gene; you’ve been there before, repeat.
10/10 for demanding Flow in the face of cognitive dissonance; Mushin No Shin.
10/10 for the intense induction of neuroplasticity; win-win.

July 2018
My belief system requires that we share our subjective experiences especially if they are different
Posted July 11, 2018. Last edited July 11, 2018.
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Hidden Paws on PC / Steam
Score 8/10 for delightfully simple and cute

Hidden Cats and Balls of Yarn
Fly around 3D pastel and cream colored islands searching for Cats and Balls of Yarn. Simple, addictive, and cute. Relaxing and zen, this is a perfect break from a high pressure game. Here kitty kitty....

The Cat’s Meow
Hiding places for said Cats and Yarn are in boxes, under trees, behind fence posts, in car trunk, get the picture? The Meows give away their hiding spots. Pet the Cats and give them some Love. Nice. A simple hint system will also help you with the Yarn. Three hours, 100%.

”There is no story” and other comments
A story through a simple narrative voice over would have been sweet just to round out the Zen. I really enjoy flying around in 3D, so my expectations are very high. Given that this is the principle mechanic in the game the controls could have been tighter. Which game do I know has really tight 3D controls? Overload, the spiritual successor to Descent; a ‘gold standard’ in 3D if there ever was one.

Hidden Paws
8/10 for well done but not a must play. Fans of hidden object games will probably enjoy this diversion, as well as those who enjoy feeding stray cats. I am both!

June 2018
Posted June 25, 2018. Last edited June 25, 2018.
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Early Access Review
BLACK MESA on PC / Steam
Score: 11/10

A remake of the classic FPS genre defining Half-Life by Valve
A true homage to the 1998 original.

* Who dares to remake a classic that has been pivotal in Our time?
The Brave

* And when they hit a homerun?
I am in Awe

BLACK MESA / Half-life remake
11/10 exemplary execution. For fans of the original and the curious alike.

June 2018

Still in Early Access because Xen, the ultimate level, is being completed. The release of Xen is imminent. Everything up to that point is flawless in my experience, they even fixed that dumb flashlight! I will update my review post release of Xen
Posted June 7, 2018. Last edited June 7, 2018.
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