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There will be; starting to work on it more actively now. There should be another minisode or similar before its release, though.
Apr 4 @ 3:01pm
In topic 4/4 Update?
Murla's right -- it's the FLAC format of the soundtrack. c:
Apr 4 @ 12:33pm
In topic missing death beeep?
Hm, might be good to press F1 during the game and see if BGM/ME is checked -- just in case the music audio was somehow toggled off.
Mar 26 @ 10:04am
In topic Crashing the game
"Script is hanging" error is often fixed by enabling DEP exception; perhaps that was your solution back then. Here's a page on doing so:

I'd also check the anti-virus programs in case of a false-flag, and it might be good to include Finding Paradise.exe in its whitelist. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hey guys, sorry about that! Please give this save file a try:

Directory would be:
Windows: %appdata%\Finding Paradise - Freebird Games\
Linux: ~/.local/share/freebirdgames/findingparadise/
OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/freebirdgames/findingparadise/
Feb 26 @ 10:11am
In topic An Error Occured
Sorry about that! Its cause is as Thunder said.

Here's a thread with some tools that might help with the issue:

There is also an alternative build that should bypass the problem, made possible by Ancurio's engine & Ali's help. To activate it, right click Finding Paradise from Steam library -> Property -> BETAS -> Switch to "-alternative" from dropdown menu, and let the new version download. Hope that helps!

Please give this save file a try (modified from your uploaded one) -- sorry for the hassle!:
Feb 20 @ 10:05am
In topic I want to solve this...
Hey there, sorry for the inconvenience! Could you give the solutions at the top of this thread a try? The root should be due to the non-English characters of the file path (made with Windows' user account):

Edit: Oh, an easier way might be using the alternative build, made possible by Ancurio's engine & Ali's help. To activate it, right click Finding Paradise from Steam library -> Property -> BETAS -> Switch to "-alternative" from dropdown menu, and let the new version download. c:
Feb 12 @ 7:53am
In topic [Spoiler] The Notebook
Originally posted by Sun_S:
Overall, the book is a symbol of what is important in Colin's life at a certain time.

When he's a lonely child, he fills it with stories about his imaginary friend.
When he's a young pilot, it's got flight checklists.
When he's finally committed himself to living in the real world and with Sofia, he fills it with letters about their life together.

Colin replaces the old pages with new ones over time, meaning at some point, all his stories about Faye are gone and only memories of his life with Sofia remain. That's a fitting image for how the real world matters more to him now than make-believe.

He got the letter idea during their honeymoon. When he had spilled the lemon juice, Sofia told him how one can use it as invisible ink to write a letter to each other. Colin asks what they would write about, and Sofia said about their journey - and at the end of it, they could show their letters to each other. I do assume that he took her up on that and kept on writing about the whole "journey" of a life they had together, up until its end.

Thanks so much, Kyo! And to Ali for the alternative & port builds.

The default build for Polish is also now up; once folks have played through it and confirmed that I didn't break anything in the process, I'll do an announcement for it as well. c: Cheers guys!
Hm, regarding the frustration from the battles... This may be a bit of a counter-intuitive proposal, but what do you guys think about not allowing for retrying? Perhaps making it a bit easier to win, but no 2nd chances.

It was initially made to play out either win or lose, without one being better; but given the medium, we tend to have a bit of compulsion to win regardless. Perhaps having the losing branch simply continue the narrative would flow better? (Save for the last one, I think -- since even if Rudog is called over, questioning him would probably still require a retry... and I don't wanna remove that. :p)
Hm, that's odd -- the progress shouldn't depend on winning any fights. For the childhood one, Faye's at the top of the hill playing guitar. For the teenage one, she's in the poster on the wall. Hope that helps!
Dec 24, 2017 @ 6:15pm
In topic How to window the game
Alt-Enter should do it -- but I'd suggest trying the alternative build first -- it'd allow resizing of the window too:
Hey Companion Cube, sorry for the hassle! Could you give this alternative build a try?:

(Just to be sure if you've used that "-alternative" build, instead of the "-beta" build as mentioned in the post.)
Either there's a start-up issue or a stuttering/slowness issue, the alternative build (running on a different engine) should help:

Originally posted by Ali:
In order to try this alternative version:
- In your Steam Library, please right click on Finding Paradise and click on Properties.
- Click on "Betas" and choose "alternative" from the dropdown menu.
- Click on Close.

Steam should start downloading an update for the game. After the update is downloaded, start the game and please let us know how it works for you.

The only thing is that achievement hasn't been integrated with this version yet, so you might need to use the default version to reload the last auto-save and rerunning the ending for that. Eventually, we hope to get the achievement implemented for that and make it the default build instead. c:

Many thanks to Ancurio for the awesome engine [MKXP], and Eli for helping with porting the game with it! Also thanks to Desmight for reporting with the original thread about the issue that might affect certain computers.
Dec 21, 2017 @ 6:46pm
In topic Speech Error, need help!
Hey there, please give the alternative build a try:
Dec 20, 2017 @ 10:49pm
In topic Soundtrack coming soon
Ack, I forgot the difference of the bundle discount's effect on the game as well. I'm not sure if there's a way to make that level out without removing the bundle itself, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to post it here.

And if nothing else, please email me and I'll make up for the difference (kan<at>freebirdgames<dot>com) -- I know that you guys have been super supportive and I really appreciate the initiative, but please feel free to send me an email for that; it's only fair. I could try to send some other stuff along with it too; will think of something!

@derailed & @petia:
I'll try to make sheet music for some of them in the future. Honestly though, I don't think I'm that good at transcribing piano stuff; the more natural sounding tracks were played without sheet music, and when I do put it on the sheets it feels kinda rigid. I could definitely provide the basic foundation for it, though!

@Murla & Astro:
I'll get that fixed, thanks for the heads up! Last night, I tripped over a wire and my desktop fell to its side, and the hard drive broke. ._.; Luckily everything's backed up, though -- Just got it fixed, and will get on that tomorrow.
Dec 20, 2017 @ 3:31pm
In topic Can't start the game
Hey Rich, sorry I missed this one! There are a couple of solutions:

1. Alternative build:

2. .regedit / switching Windows user account (error's due to the file path being in non-alphabetical chars):

Hope that helps!
Hey Skatche! Hm, they should be in the folder -- please try right clicking TtM from library -> Property -> Local Files tab -> Open Local Folder.
May I ask what the reason of starting in Windowed mode is, as opposed to transferring to it immediately after? If it's to deal with a technical issue, you could try the -alternative build which uses a different engine:

Right click FP from Steam library -> Property -> BETAS tab, select -alternative -> let download new version.
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